• We can't say they're not real

    Many people have many beliefs about ghosts and there are enough people and evidence to show that ghosts can exists. Besides, if you're going to say that there isn't any logical explanation for ghosts, just know that everyone has a different sense of logic and you can't say what's real or not till you see or experience it for yourself.

  • Yes they are.

    We as a species have progress quite a bit, but no nearly as far as we will need to before science can unlock this particular mystery. As we gain more and more understanding of quantum mechanics and how it relate to the functioning of our nervous systems we will get closer to a truer understand of human spirituality.

  • I believe in ghosts

    When I was a lot younger, about 2 and a half years old, we were renting a house, and my sister had just been born, she was only a few weeks old. I adored her then, and I'd finished my dinner and went into the room where she was sleeping, but came rushing out mere minutes later, saying, 'Mama! Mama! There's someone in [my sister's name] room!' (Keep in mind that I was very young and didn't know what ghosts were). Naturally, my parents came running into the room, saw no one and disregarded what I said, thinking that I must have been mistaken, since I was so young. However, one day my dad had a 'take your kid to work day', and took me, and my mum coincidentally had a 'no work day', so she was at home. My dad's workday turned out to be very long (up until 8:00, and it usually took an hour to get home, but there was A LOT of traffic that day, so it took half an hour longer). At around 9:45PM, my dad got a call from my mum, who said, 'I was putting [my sister's name] to bed, and as I was about to walk away, I saw the man that [my name] mentioned. I only took my eye off him for a second, and he vanished. I think it's a ghost.' My dad panicked, and we got home as soon as possible, my mum looked shaken, but not upset. Over the course of the time that we spent in that house, my dad also saw him, I'm pretty sure my grandma did, and many strange things happened (none of them bad), for example, my dad was vacuuming, and the vacuum cleaner turned cold, I remember touching it and it felt like ice, then once my mum was washing up, and she heard something (like a baby crying) coming from the sink, and other things which I don't remember, I'm a bit hazy on the minor details. But yeah, that's why I believe in ghosts.

  • Yes because i have had many tings hapen two me

    I have seen and heard ghost all the time since i was six some ghost are good some ghost are bad what you have to understand is not all go are bad some times ghost like to show them self A orib is not a ghost it help give ghost energy or water can help give ghost energy i can hear ghost sometimes to catch a ghost you can use a EVP a Evp is Electronic voice phenomenon that is the alleged communication by spirits through tape recorders and other electronic devices. Im a big beliver in ghost and no one can change my mind cause i have had to many things happen to me to make me not belive in ghost i am a beliver my non belives you dont juge me and i wont juge you. If you dont know i am a medium thats means i have the power to see hear and talk to ghost the reason ghost come to me is because i can help the go to the other side i have helped ghost go to the otherside before and so if you are wondering why i want to be a ghost hunter is because i have the power to help ghost if you dont belive me thats you problem not If you have any questions for me or you just want to talk conatct me on yoube witch is Grace tupper and Subscriptions or you can add me on google gmai my email for google is tupper397@gmail.Com or ask me question on facebook or you can talk to me on facebook

  • They are not.

    There is no reliable proof for spiritual or supernatural activity at all. Just because you hold a believe does not make it true. 80% of the evidence can be explained, a lot of it having to do with confirmation bias, the other 20% has may not have been explained. But let us not put ghosts in the gaps. Just because you don't know, doesn't automatically make it ghosts.

  • No not at all

    There is no logical explanation to believe in ghosts. All ghostly encounters are either strange chance or can be explained with facts. Believing in invisible dead people is very stupid, it makes more sense to believe in rainbow unicorns. IN conclusion Ghosts can be explained with reason instead of writing it off a 'supernatural'

  • Never did, Never will!!!!!!

    Ghosts are another thing that believed in as a kid, but as I grew older I came to my senses that it's all fake. A common complain people who believe in ghosts have is flickering lights. Faulty lights can mean a million other things that don't involve "ghosts." Broken lights can be a sign that the lights need to be repaired because they're old and are losing their quality. Another common complaint ghost seekers or enthusiasts have is doors or windows closing on their own. A rational explanation for this would be that maybe the wind was strong enough to close them on its own. Moving objects are also something seems to be an issue to believers in this so-called "phenomena." The same explanation can be applied to this situation and that more often than not the wind has the ability to move them. Supernatural followers are like little children who cling on to stupid theories that defy logic. Other-worldly seekers need to stop focusing so much on things that are "out of this world" and focus on growing an adult standpoint on these matters, something which probably is impossible because there's uncountable numbers of you irrational beings. I think there should be something called stupid energy and you would all fall under that category. Just like how there's negative and positive energy this is a new proposition that I just came up with.

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