• Of Course They are

    It is true, boys and girls are not treated equally. But I believe everyone is equal! What do boys have that girls don't. I think it is outrageous because people say girls can't play football because they will get hurt. Well, won't boys get hurt too? And im not saying boys or men are bad. I'm just saying that girls and boys should be treated equal because why should girls be treated badly.

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  • Girls are awesome

    As a girl i believe girls are better but both girls and boys should have equal rights. Not one is better than the other. Most of the time girls are better but sometimes boys are but it just depends on the person.


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  • Girls are better

    We girls are better than guys because we are strong from inside and out side, we can go through a lot of pain but still we don't complain, we give birth to babies, while giving birth to baby, girls have to go through a lot of pain, which guys can not go through

  • Yes, well no, not to many people.

    Both sexes are equal and both put the same amount of effort in to education and carreers. Sexual organs do not change that! Girls can be engineers, males can be dancers! Neither is wrong, although most people do think this way.

    Men get paid 20% more then women, this is WRONG. It shouldn't happen! Woman and man put in the same amount of effort and women are punished for it!

    In conclusion, yes they are, but no they're not in society!

  • There were two persons first born on earth - Adam and Eve

    I certainly cant understand why the hell are everybody saying that the two genders are not equal and boys will always be superior! Who are you to say that and moreover you could not have taken birth if they two had not realised the importance of each other.
    And for the ones that are saying that boys always succeed and have greater positions in the society, they could have never been at that position if women never accepted them. And also for those who say that women are emotional, idiots !They ever make you cry, instead you hurt their feelings, abuse, rape and make them cry because you have a little worm in your head which makes you think that you are superior. I AM NOT BLAMING ALL THE MEN but they know who I am referring to. I am a 13 years old girl and the upper comments made my heart stone towards them . I spoke my mind and those of you think that I am stupid to write my mind and to hurt men , well i am NOT , I am just speaking the reality of life...

  • Of course they are equal !!!!

    Reproduction will not happen in the earth without females and vice - versa . Both men and female play an important role in the world . Therefore the should be treated equally by all . Boys are not superior !!!
    We women are not use and throw dolls, we all should be treated equally.

  • Boys and girls

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  • Stop it now !

    Seriously get a grip u people being sexist because it is wrong females are just as = as males and vise versa. The only thing we r ( and should be) different in is our gender ! So stop the gender pay and education gaps now ! Open your eyes !

  • Boys are superior

    Even the Bible tells us how the female only came into existence due to the man, and is the reason for man's downfall. Now days, the female dominance in many aspects in life is pushing them aside. There are reasons men are paid, respected more than women. Men work more and is providing more to the world than ladies. Great male leaders like George Washington, Alexander the Great stand tall while women do the dishes. It's not stereotypical if those are facts! Sorry...

  • It is regrettable

    Sadly, girls are no more equal to boys than non-whites are to whites. It is certainly the case that females have made great strides in the past few years that they've campaigned for civil rights equality, but ultimately there are still people alive today imposing the values they had from "their day", so to speak, which means that because of "traditional" opinions, women still have a stereotypical role attached to them and they still have to face some quite major abuse from Mens Rights Activists.

  • Girls and boys are not equal at all.

    Due to a lot of stereotypical people, more people expect women to be like divas who only care about their appearances. But women have lots of star quality too! Think about how much women have contributed in our society: they have made a safe and comfortable environment for the whole family to settle into. Even famous people have become legends like sports stars (Stephanie Rice), singers (Demi Lovato) and so much more!

  • Why girls and boys are not the same.

    Boys were the first ones here.Boys are different than girls because we are better,stronger,manly,aggressive,and bigger.Girls are not meant to have these traits.They are suppose to be quiet and out of the way.They are suppose to be cute in their little dresses.They are not dominate like males. Girls have different parts.Boys have different parts.Girls are suppose to act dainty, feminine, and quiet. You don't see that at all nowadays.Its really ridiculous. God said that a man not act like women and vice versa.

  • Technicalities of equality.

    Basically, no. There are many key differences. I will list them below:
    1) obvious anatomical differences
    2) hormonal differences, which lead to a difference in behavior. Studies have also shown that females in general react differently to males in specific scenarios.

    Hormonal differences are the most pronounced. They affect the most significant aspects of male/female physiology and character, both are applied to standards by which we judge gender differences.
    However, I believe women, although different, should be allowed the same opportunities as men in equal circumstances. Although females are different from males, these differences are insignificant and are not prominent enough to merit the drastic differences between male and female roles.. They are largely irrelevant to female intellectual, economic and intuitive capabilities (which is obvious.. Ever since we've allowed females in leadership roles, we've seen that they fulfill these functions just as men do). Of course, all humans vary in their capabilities. This means that, in society, there will be children who are smarter than others, male OR female. It doesn't make sense to single out unintelligent females and compare them to intelligent males when vice verse could also be applied.

  • They are not treated equal

    Men in the US get payed 78% more than women - for the same job! In some other countries, girls are not aloud to have an education and they are not aloud to have a government role. In some countries, women aren't even aloud to drive! I think the gender inequality is real, and unfair. Also, men and women were all created under god, so they should be treated equal!

  • Boys are superior

    Boys are superior Even the Bible tells us how the female only came into existence due to the man, and is the reason for man's downfall. Now days, the female dominance in many aspects in life is pushing them aside. There are reasons men are paid, respected more than women.

  • They are just not equal

    First look at the work men do. It's more hard than what women do therefore they shouldn't be paid the same amount of money . Even God knows it he created man first. Men have made more achievements than women have therefore they should not be equal
    No they will never be equal

  • Not at all

    I think its a no... I am writing this because a boy in one of my classes were saying boys are better than girls. He also added that boys are more athletic and girls are babies and cant do a thing. Some of his friends started to join. Most girls think it is equal while boys think theyre better.

  • Why? Just... Why?

    Why do girls think they're superior to boys? It makes no sense. Granted boys think tthey're superior to girls. But boys will grow out of it and then they're hormones will act up and they will begin acting superior again. But why do girls get special treatment? Why do girls feminize boys? It leads me to believe that boys and girls are not equal except under 1 aspect. They are equal under God. And, please, do not say that i am sêxist. For it is written, "thou shall not judge". Also, do not call me a hypocrite. I have found much evidence online.

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