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  • Girls rule look at the facts...

    Honestly I have never liked guys(boys) and that's because all guy's do is brag about how good the are at sports and Call of Duty.Guy's basically have no feeling they might say girls are drama queens but at least we have feelings.Guys wouldn't even be alive if not for us.Face the facts people.

  • Without girls, you would not be...

    Without girls, did you know that you wouldn't be ALIVE?!? You would not have done all the things that you had done in your life. If God hadn't made Eve, nobody in the world would be alive. Since it's 2015, Adam would've died already, and no one would be alive. That's why girls are so much better. And, since Athena is the Goddess of WISDOM, that means all girls are smarter.

  • DUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls are better because......

    Have any of you guys even read this whole thing? (And by guys, I mean boys.) The girls' arguments are WAY better than the boys and the boy's arguments are just talking about how boys are stronger and faster. Well, who cares? In this world, you need a lot of brain power, not as much muscle power. And girls have more brain power. Also, the only reason no U.S. president has ever been a woman is because all the men discriminate against women and never gave them a chance. But within the next 2-3 centuries, I'm sure there will be at least some women presidents. Hilary Clinton was close to winning, wasn't she? The only reason she didn't win is because so many people in America don't vote. So, girls are better than boys.

  • Girls are the Future, Boys are the Past.

    I am a teacher and have been so for 20 years.

    I think girls are the future because as we progress through history the world is getting better and life better for everyone in it.

    Those positive values which constitute progress are more visible in teenage girls' behaviour, than teenage boys. In the classroom girls are polite, quiet, study hard and get nearly perfect grades. They also have very good style and dress sense.

    Boys on the other hand, are usually dirty, lazy, stupid, rude and get very low grades.

    Th British system of 'ladies first' ensures that girls have many freedoms and privileges in the classroom and boys have lots of strict rules to follow. This is to ensure that boys behave like perfect English Gentlemen to girls.

    Also, we only ever punish boys. We think that girls are born angels and never lie. If a girl hits a boy the teacher will ask the girl what happened and then punish the boy.

    Concerning grades, we usually like to build the confidence of girls by giving them a good grade. This is also because girls compete and are actually more jealous if another girl gets more. But this is only because girls understand the importance of succeeding academically. Boys are marked down because their behaviour is unacceptable and interferes with girls learning. Boys often stare at girls and make them feel uncomfortable which disturbs the girls' learning. Boys often shout out the wrong answer in reply to teachers questions. Girls are more thoughtful but because of shyness never say the answer they actually know already.

    Boys do better in traditional written exams only because girls doubt themselves more. Boys are more arrogant. In alternative exam set-ups girls always do much better.

    In coursework done over the school year, girls do really well.

    Together I have observed that girls work together well and take their grades seriously and have very good persuasion skills. Naughty boys waste all their time thinking about trivial things.

    As girls continue to undermine the unfair patriarchal system, so the world will get better.

    Good luck girls!

  • We r same but.....

    We r both the same. No 1 is better and no 1 is worse. But if I had 2 choose....

    GIRLS. We take care of the family while boys r sitting on their lazy butts watching football. Please! We r much more then "making food."And if u think that's all we r good for, then u can go back to Ur TV and levee us alone. Clearly that's all Ur good at. Just because there isn't a girl preasent that doesn't meen crap. Most boys then say " if girls are so GOOD then why were guys made first?" Umm duh! God needed a rough draft before the final copy. :)

  • Boys are not cool! DUHHH!

    Boys are hard headed,they get bad grades, and they are mean. What do girls do? They get great grades, they have oh so pretty hair,and they are super sweet. So who do you think is better? Girls! Boys just do stuff they know better than.Like Adreian Peterson whacked his kid with a stick and went to jail.

  • We r better

    It's pretty clear-girls are better than boys. We have a harder job at life. While men r sitting on their lazy butts watching football, we r cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family. But yet we do MUCH more than cooking. We deliver babies, and yes u help, but we do all the work. Long ago woman died from child birth, so u guys got 2 live when we r dead. We r stronger in all ways. U say we r drama queens, but we have feelings. All u do is play video games, watch TV, play sports and- yeah that's it. We also live longer now a days, so POOR U! Yes u r important 2 the humans spices, but if it came down to who's better- GIRLS

  • Girls are better by Far

    Girls are smarter, make babies (which makes the world have more lovely people in it), have better taste in style and definitely better in shopping than guys, guys are a lot more annoying since they bragggg and braggggg when girls are shopping, girls concentrate and learn better and girls are more mature

  • Yes, girls are better than boys at almost everything.

    A 2014 study compared the performance of over a million girls and boys across 30 countries from grading statistics collected between 1914 and 2011. The finding was that not only do girls get better grades than boys in every subject including so-called “boy subjects” like math and science, but that they have always received better grades than boys in all subjects, all grade levels, every year for the past century and in all 30 of the countries investigated.

    This is because girls also have a significant skills advantage over boys from very early on. A 2005 study done on a very large sample of 560 thousand children between the ages of three and five found that across 13 categories of skill types, girls by the age of five beat the boys in every single one of them, including almost 200 individual skills.

    These findings are not isolated to individual countries either but reflect a worldwide phenomenon that can only be biological. One study comparing countries’ gendered school performance found that girls in Turkey (a less sex-equal country) beat boys in reading by 25.1 points whereas girls in Iceland (a very sex-equal country) also beat boys in reading, but this time by a whopping 61 point difference. There is no better evidence for the biological basis of the boy gap than girls beating boys even in places where girls are systematically held back.

    Recent studies have found that girls really do mature faster, reaching a cognitive maturity around the age of 10 while boys were seen to reach it around the age of 15 to 20. This is said to be due to how genetics influence brain development between the sexes, with testosterone in particular virtually handicapping the male brain prenatally with extremely high doses (as much as a 25-year-old man). The lesser amount of testosterone in girls allows them to optimize brain connections earlier. As a result, girls also tend to have a slightly higher average IQ because boys tend to gravitate to the extremes early on, although this gap evens out later.

    To be fair, about the only region boys seem uniquely adept in compared to girls regards their spatial abilities. Yet even here girls make their claim. Females have a relative advantage in perceptual speed tasks, which involve matching objects and pictures.

    Girls are superior with language. A specific language-related gene called FOXP2 is 30% more active in girls than it is in young boys. Studies also suggest this genetic language ability may also give girls (not boys!) an innate ability in math. Boys are twice as likely to have a language or reading disorder and are even three to four times more likely to stutter or have other speech impediments. Girls on the other hand talk earlier, say more words a day than boys, and females even recover speech following injury and stroke faster than males.

  • Girls are better. DUHH!!!

    Girls are obviously better than boys. Boys are unreasonable, arrogant, and they always make up excuses if something doesn't go the way they planned. Guess what? The reason boys exist is because of a girl! At a younger age, boys often discriminate girls by saying that they are too girly, or something they did wasn't cool. NEWS FLASH! Girls are girly because they are girls. So boys, just deal with it. Girls are the best. GO GIRL POWER!!!

  • It's fun being the only educated person here.

    Now, both females and males are quite different. However, they are not equal. They are quite different. This is not based on personal belief, but fact. They are two different species.

    I'll cover academics first. While it is true females outperform boys in school performance, this is not caused by females having a higher intelligence. Males are proven to have a higher IQ.

    "There were no significant differences in IQ measured at ages 8 and 9, and there was a slight tendency for males to score higher than females on most of these tests."

    According to the same study, girls out perform males during school because of behavioral issues in the classroom. Boys have a tendency to be more disruptive and exhibit more antisocial behaviors. This simply means that our education system is more girl-friendly.

    Males are more intelligent than females, based on the higher IQ. This is fact:

    "In a study accepted for publication by the British Journal of Psychology, Dr. Paul Irwing (Manchester Business School, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology) and Prof. Richard Lynn (University of Ulster, Professor Emeritus) conclude that men are on average five points ahead on IQ tests. The study also found that men outnumbered women in increasing numbers as intelligence levels rise. There were twice as many with IQ scores of 125, a level typical for people with first-class degrees. When scores rose to 155, a level associated with genius, there were 5.5 men for every woman."

    5.5 male geniuses to one female genius. Now, what is more important? Having better grades in school or being smarter? Grades are simply to reflect the material learned in the classroom, which are biased towards females. Intelligence matters in real life, which is also applicable outside of the classroom. Intelligence is the reason you go to school for most of your young life.

    The next issue, the backbone of society. Many claim this is the female because they clean the house and look after the kids. This is due to the result of females using sterotypes. While using the mother says at home and does housework, there are seven million fathers that provide the same.

    Most females posting on this page have gigantic egos. True, without females we wouldn't exist. However, females wouldn't exist without men. Humans are still in existence only because men and women have been consistently getting together, having children.

    But have women had a greater effect on scientific and technological progress than men? Clearly not. By far most inventions are attributable to men.

    The following website shows some 150 top inventions of all time. A quick glance at it shows that only about one in 10 inventions was done by a woman. Yes! It is men who have always been responsible for progress. Our science and technology are as advanced as they are thanks to men and not to women.

  • Boyzz are BETTER

    Ugh no boys are better One word PERIOD! Not enough?..... Pregnancy! Still not enough?! Well according to history a lot of men came up with the most useful technology and more! What mor can I say?! Plus you guys don't make babies lol we both do. Their is no winner on that side! Your not a plant your can't reproduce asexually lol!😂😂

  • I think not because girls are lame.

    We boys only watch tv after all that we do. We sweat from all our hard work. Girls should not try to compete because we are stronger. Think about it husbands give money to their wives all the time. Without boys you would be homeless. We also go out side and play sports whle you have stupid slumber parties.

  • Boys are superior

    Boys are stronger than girls because they have more muscle mass and bone density meaning they are also faster. Boys' and girls' have the same average intelligence (IQ) but the boys have a higher range which means that the majority of geniuses are men, ie Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Einstein etc. Also most societies support this because most are patriarchal socites which means that they are run by men. Has there ever been a female US President... NOPE. Will there ever be ... Nope. Girls are just inferior to men except they make better sandwiches even though the majority of proffestioanl chefs are men.

  • No, look at the bible

    I don't have to explain my self, their is PLENTY of proof that MEN not women,where supposed to rule the earth in the bible. Women aren't " better" than men, us men ARE better in all ways, case closed. ( god is a man too) and we came first MEN BE DA BEST

  • Humans! YOU'RE ALL SO THICK!

    How are girls better than boys? Simple, they are not. Females and males just can't keep their egos in control!!! Seriously, why the hell do you humans care if the other is better when you constantly tell others, "nobody is better!"! HUMANS! This is exactly why animals and aliens r better! Now, ADMIT THAT YOU ARE ALL EQUAL!

  • We are better than you

    Boys are tougher and more masculine. We can do more things than girls can because we are more skilled at life. Girls are pretty and always there for us when we need help but mens sports are more popular and have more action. Women just cheer for football teams and do gymnastics.

  • How dumb can the people who post on here be?

    It seems that there are only a couple people on here that don't have gigantic egos and actually rely on facts and not opinions to prove things. We all have specific roles. Most of your relying on stereotypes too so don't go and say things like that. Guys have more muscle mass. Girls (in nature) take more care of the family, while guys fight off dangers. Just accept it, were both equal but different. No gender is superior to the other.

  • Girls are smarter

    It ihas been proved that girls have 8% smaller brains however they often get higher grades so this suggests 5 things : 1.Boys are just dumber, 2.Boys don't think, 3.Girls are just genetically superior to boys, 4,Girls pay attention more and 5. Boys need to pay more attention to have a 1% chance of being as smart as girls

  • Obviously girls are better

    Hi, my name is Elle and I believe that girls are better because they are smarter, have to do harder things to prove themselves, and have to show strength when it comes to sports. We constantly have to prove our selves and we are great at making good food. Thank you and good night!

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hgghb says2016-10-31T10:25:57.050
Oviule girls are made to give babies
SWAGTASTICTROLL says2017-11-08T01:52:18.490
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I’m sorry, I just had to laugh in the text. This is truly laughable. Seriously. Maybe all those school games of “Boys vs. Girls” really got to them. Most of you know this, but I want to address it. There is no logical, scientific, or religious proof that I know of, proving such incompetence. The reason that this is impossible is because humans are mixed. Some boys are smarter than girls. Some christians smarter than Muslims. Some of one race smarter than the other. And vise versa. It’s impossible to conduct a supporting experiment with a consistent control other than one that allows you to cherry pick data, so even if that is true, and in case I haven’t made that clear enough, it’s not, it’s impossible to find out. Heck, most of the problems you girls have complained about, girls do plenty of. So technically, this also applies to racism. Seriously people, GET OVER COOTIES. No race is better than the other.
*Sigh* This stupidity supports my belief that animals and aliens are better than humans in every way(or at least almost). Why can't you idiots just realize we're all equal and end this 3rd-grade level debate.

P.S A common argument is the whiny, simple-minded "If it weren't for girls, boys wouldn't be around. Well, to those people, I want you to attempt to get pregnant without a sperm donor. Your success will be 0.

Shut up and grow up.
ProbablyNotATroll says2019-07-19T02:50:15.983
Everyone in this thread is completely idiotic. Even you, Swagtastic Troll, Although you are on the right track. Everyone is human, And everyone is different, So instead of losing (or gaining) chromosomes, How about we all agree that everyone is equally flawed, Equally foolish?
GraxumfromEradiate says2019-07-20T18:25:11.023
Thank you for supporting my side, ProbablyNotATroll.
GraxumfromEradiate says2019-07-20T18:26:16.653
Why can't we just admit we are equal? I mean, It's not really hard at all.
GraxumfromEradiate says2019-07-21T13:05:49.193
But, I do disagree about what you said, ProbablyNotATroll. Because, InfernoSoul, Soldierofcrime, Gallifrey, And maybe me weren't THAT naive.
GraxumfromEradiate says2019-07-21T18:46:35.877
Okay, That kind of made me naïve.
HiIExist says2019-11-02T23:13:28.407
Gotta after with ProbablyNotATroll. This question is kind of stupid. I did write an argument but I never said anyone was better.
HiIExist says2019-11-02T23:13:37.173
Gotta agree with ProbablyNotATroll. This question is kind of stupid. I did write an argument but I never said anyone was better.
HiIExist says2019-11-02T23:14:05.893
Sorry I made a typo and resubmitted my comment lol
Ihsieman says2021-04-30T06:58:59.630
What a abomination, This is a disgrace to humanity.
Thenickbuster says2021-09-30T07:55:30.333
Isn't It sad that this has to be a debate? People are dying all over the world from malaria and syphilis and a team of hundreds of anthropologists is trying to solve the most complex medical issues by spending hours of their time talking to different groups of people trying to find solutions and here we are, The most technologically advanced society humans have ever known trying to argue which HALF of humanity is better at EVERYTHING overall than the other. No wonder there has been no equality for the past hundred thousand years between most humans.

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