• Because. . . I have my reasons.

    Im a boy so if I say boys are hotter than girls that makes me gay. Also girls have big. . . . . You get the idea. I am too lazy to write any more words so I might just say nonsense the whole entire time and hey I did at least 50 words! :)

  • I say no

    The person who said no because i'm not gay is a homophobe and should die in a hole. Being gay is okay and should be accepted in The United States of America. We aren't living in the 1900's it's the 21st century. OPEN YOUR EYES BRUH. DON'T BE HOMOPHOBIC. STUPID.

  • EQUALITY is key

    Girls = Boys. As a boy, I believe that every one is different and aesthetic doesn't count but in this context, Both gender have positive attributes and negative ones. Let's not forget the trans gender, Gays and lesbians! Everyone has their own opinion of beauty. It also depends on which body parts.

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