Are girls judged more by their looks than their brains/personality?

Asked by: DebateGirl221
  • Look at magazines.

    In magazines there are girls that are actually ridiculed for what they're wearing. There are countless pages of things that say " dress like this to make a man like you" or " Look like this to win a mans heart". There are adds everywhere they constantly tell women to lose weight. The thing is, it's half our fault (women). It started off with men saying we need to look a certain way, or weigh a certain amount, but then we kind of lost control, and now they're trying to say we're beautiful, and we only look at what we hate. I believe relationships only last when the women has a good personality though. I believe that most men ( not boys ) want a women with a good personality rather than a terrible one and a good body.

  • In general, yes.

    Look at the women that are famous and admired in America. How many are known for their intelligence, and not their attractiveness? How many aren't in the entertainment industry?
    Look at every magazine and ad aimed at women. Do they look and sound like they are appealing to our brains?
    Look at what happens to prominent women who dare to be in a powerful field and are intelligent. Hillary Clinton, for example, is an exceptionally smart woman (whether you like her politics or not)- yet when interviewed reporters ask her about nonsense like her hair or why she doesn't wear makeup or what pantsuits she likes.

  • Yes. Look what society's done

    Its not like girls want to be judged on their looks but thats the path society has taken. Look at the magazines, media, and social network all pressuring girls about their looks. Girls these days never pressured to be smart or worry abouth their grades and other academic school related things.

  • Oh where do I begin...

    We live in a society entirely driven by the saying "If you can't make it, fake it". We all hold this ideal that if we look really really really good on the outside, that we will be really really really good everywhere else. This has manifested itself everywhere, but most commonly seen in women. Take a look at any well-known fashion magazine. See any fat people there? Nope. It doesn't help that more attractive women are more commonly accepted into colleges over less attractive women, more commonly hired over less attractive women, and more commonly chosen as mates than less attractive women. It's almost as if we force them to conform to this "appearance first" basis, while similarly condemning it. Really funny actually.

  • Okay so its...

    Not just to do with relationships its friendships aswell , everyone sucks up to really pretty people but if you're ugly and nerdy looking you get judged on whatever you do , pretty people on't need to make much effort to be friends with people especially if they are naturally very pretty , ugly people have to be nice 24/7 otherwise they lose friends or get disliked immediately if they make one mean comment most people are popular nowadays for how they look not their personality

  • No, it depends on the human.

    There are many type of people, raised different ways, with different morals and ways of prioritizing. On the mating level, yes. As humans when we wish to procreate we try to find the most suitable partner, and none of us wants ugly kids. That being said, on the cognitive level, it depends on the person. A person such as myself vet a potential partner by personality, but I'm not everyone.

  • Looks are just bonus

    I am surrounded by guys who always likes my selfies but never likes my posts whenever i stated my opinion about something. I am completely pissed with it because it makes every girls motivated to post sexy nude selfie than state their wonderful opinion about things. Looks are just bonus for us. You're pretty and you have brain? Fine. But you're pretty without brain? People might think "it's such a waste of time talking to you, barbie girl" God give us this face, this brain, this body with uniqueness. Girls are pretty the way the are and the way they want to be. People should really take a time to muse that things such as looks doesn't matter. People should learn to love themselves

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BrooklynHaze says2013-07-11T23:11:22.767
Both of you use magazine people as an argument. How do you not see the flaw in your reasoning?
AnonyFeline says2013-07-13T05:29:09.450
Not if you have both