• Without women, the world would fall apart.

    Men need us to reproduce. Us girls help keep the world in check. There are more girls on the planet then there are boys. Men need to care to care for them, and if you go to elementary, boys goof off more than the girls do. They are serious about their education.

  • Girl rule people

    Girl are more fancier than boys. They take a lot of care of themselves. I mean what do boys wear jeans shorts or shirt they don't even need to do anything to their hair. Girls have their hair, face and wear skirts dresses plus jeans and shorts. Girl don't get in much trouble at school either and sing way better than boys.

  • Girls > Boys

    Girls can do anything from what boys do to what their own persona is... For eg - girls can roam in jeans and shirts... But can boys wear mini skirts and crop tops? Boys are wild, girls are wilder. If boys are mild, girls are milder. Boys may say that they are tougher and stronger. But the fact is that girls can do anything and everything. Hence, in my opinion, girls are cooler and better....

  • Girls have class

    Okay, if you take an average guy and an average girl then the girl would be smarter, intuitive, braver, and much much more mature. The girl would be more sensible and reasonable than the guy, would have more presence of mind. They would look better, dress better, and be better in most aspects. Thus, girls are much more classy and cooler than boys.
    BTW, my source for this info is TIME magazine, BuzzFeed, and Scientific American.

  • Girl is cooler

    Girls are cooler than guys and they are better in study and cleanup. Girls behave better than boys then they are more accurate anyways. Boys can do good sports and stuff, But girl can do way more. I know that most people like girls than boys, And they have a better pee range. Thats it

  • We are so much more

    We are so much more than what boys could ever dream of we are just as strong, tall, valuble, pretty,helpful and we are part of the human reproductive system and we can pull of more clothing items then guys we have very strong hearts and most of the time when guys break up with us we stay stong and dont care what you think you are just another voice behind my back

  • Yes they are so much cooler

    We can do many more things than boys can we can pull off many more
    items of clothing we are part of the human recreation. We are just as strong , tall , pretty, and have a great heart for who ever we love if you love your mom think of what she has done for you

  • Girl care for people veer boys who only care for them selves

    Girls may look pretty I mean talking it I am a girl but he have many other cool things like me I'm a skater and iv beaten up many boys in my life and there are other things too like we want to look good for who every we like so we don't' look like slobs and like we don't eat pizza everyday at least we try to look good like u guys u always thing u look cute its only because we want to try our flirting so we know our limits oh and do I have to munching we don't like first date kiss I mean if that's what your girl is that's ok but not most of us sorry and I'm done ......
    LOVE , Alexandra

  • I think girls are cooler than boys.

    Why I think this because girls can make anyone laugh. But sometimes we have drama and we learn how to make it end. I have had drama in my life and ive learned how to stop it. Boys usually punch eachother when they get mad. And when girls are older they may seem mean but we are not. So please say girls are cooler than boys!

  • Boys are WAY WAY WAY WAY (x infinity) more boring than girls.

    Girls are the coolest human beings on earth if you didn't know. It's scientifically proved...By me. Boys are boring, mean, weird, and just not as cool as girls. We are pretty and amazing and WAY more smarter. If you think boys are cooler, that's just a load of lies, or in other words, crap. The end.

  • I'm a female and my gender often times disappoints me.

    Today's young women can make some very dumb choices. For example, many put more thought into their fashion than into who they date. I also find that many females are self-absorbed. Neither makes a great example of cool. And neither is very productive in a relationship. Also ... There is having "fun" and then there is acting like a "ho". A lot of young women don't seem to know where the line is drawn. That too is uncool. And why do so many need their BFFs to make a decision? OMG! I never had to ask a friend their opinion of my clothes, my boyfriends, etc. I was confident enough to trust my own instincts!

    By comparison, guys keep it simple & uncomplicated. They set goals & pursue them. They indulge in sports, community, etc. They avoid money-hungry females, if at all possible. That makes them wise. They don't need the BFF -crutch that females lean on. That makes them confident. Most of them work hard and play hard. They know where to draw the line, between the two. They may not display the best fashion sense, but they are usually honest in their feelings. All equates to cool.

  • Actually, men are

    Cooler than women (on average). The average body temperature of women is .4 degrees HIGHER than the average body temperature of men. This means that men are cooler than women, and that women are hotter than men. This does not mean there are not outliers, where a women can be cooler than a guy or where a guy can be hotter than a girl.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • This topic is juvenile

    Girls are not cooler than boys, they are deceitful and ultimately a selfish species. Every girl believes that if they put on make up and wear a push up bra that they are some how entitled to having every male bend to their every whim. No girls are not cooler, they are more immature and have a one track mind.

  • I am going to be extremely sexist right now i'm doing it on purpose.

    Women are not cooler than guys. Men for years have revolutionized the west making it the greatest region on earth. After all it was men who wrote the Phenomenal Constitution of the U.S. Let's take a look at Africa , Women have some substantial power in their countries, also they still live in mud hut's. Now that is my fun sexist rant, you can give me plenty of crap now.

  • Well what do you think?

    Boys are much cooler than girls. That makes girls HOTTER than boys. Plus, girls obsess with their hair while boys keep it simple. Finally, a lot of the opinions on the "no" side are much more creative, which is mostly the boy's side. From this, we can conclude that boy's are cooler than girls.

  • Girls way of thinking is a kind of selfish.

    Boys being best in terms of Friendship and Love. Awesome and Cool r boys only. The way we handle the situation, staying tension free and always smiling is really a great gift from GOD that makes us cool. I m not saying girls aein't cool but there are very few cool girls while the percentage of cool boys will be more. :P

  • It's not a matter of gender

    While I get that this isn't a serious topic, I still disagree.
    Firstly, 'cool' is subjective. I might think that sports are 'cool' but you may feel that they suck and prefer art. Same goes for boys and girls.
    In addition to that, there are so many boys and so many girls so personalities, traits, actions etc differ depending on the individual. What influences the individual to act as they do is a number of things, could be their interests, religion, location, upbringing etc.
    So I don't think there's a simple 'boys are better than girls' or 'girls are better than boys' answer, because there are so many variables.

  • Neither is "cooler" or better in any way based on gender alone.

    Both girls and boys are necessary and there are awesome and sh*tty examples of both genders. It is inherently sexist to think that one is better than the other and that makes anyone who subscribes to such overt bigotry an @sshole (whether man or woman). It is the moral equivalent of asking,"are blacks better than whites?" or,"are straight people better than gays?" We must judge individuals by their character and not whether they have a d*ck or a vagina and the accompanying hormones and differences in their brain makeup and functioning. Yes, it's true that men and women are inherently different, but that does not determine the quality of the individual and that does not diminish the absolute necessity and the benefits and drawbacks to either gender.

  • Guys are better

    I know how girls are in my school. They are stuck up and cause too much drama. Guys, however, are drama free and they are carefree about that. They can help you with tips and they will also stand up for you. They seem like your brother and/or best friend.

  • I know some cool girls I guess

    But until they get older, they are definitely not "cool". Drama, fashion, heartbreak, hairstyle, cat fights, and skimpy outfits do not equate "coolness". I'm still a teenager but I have always dated girls at least a year or 2 older than me. Want to know why? They are more mature human beings I can relate with. Being "cool" doesn't even begin to describe them. They simply understand men better and I can communicate with them easier. They share feelings, and I share mine, and there is no high school drama about it. That is cool :) and a girl who pretends she is better than a guy in every conceivable way is not. (Also, guys can wear a miniskirt, but I think you will agree they SHOULD NOT. EVER. That is just... *shudders*

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I am very tempted to rip this opinion page to shreds.
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Not in the grammar Department apparently.
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