• Yes they are

    I think that girls should be aloud to ask boys out on a date ok and yes I think that girls are just responsible for asking boys because girls can do the same thing any boy else can do ok so yeah girls are just as responsible as boys are

  • Yes they are

    I think that girls are the same as boys are because they are human beings too ok and yes I think that girls are as responsible for asking boys because of boys do everything then girls do it the same to them ok ok ok ok ok bye bye ok 👌

  • Because we are expected to do everything else for them.

    If we have to register for selective service, give away houses and money after divorce, hold door for them, pay for dinners at dates, buy them gifts, pay child support, protect them, work, be independent, lots of money, and lots of confidence, then I'm sure they can do something as little as make the first move to get all of that. Hahahaha

  • Yes they should

    I believe girls are the same as guys, meaning that both genders get nervous around the people they like. We are all human, so if girls can do other things that guys can, then why doesnt that include asking someone out? It does. . . . . . . .

  • Goes Both Ways

    I believe girls should feel just as responsible for asking boys out, as boys are worried about asking girls. I believe if a girl has interest in a guy she should be willing to ask him out as well. Boys can't read minds and they may be interested but nervous about asking.

  • Yes if a girl desires to go out with someone she should ask them out.

    We live a society where is it perfectly acceptable to a girl (woman) to ask a boy (man) out on a date or other social event if she desire to spend time with him. Women have developed a sense of independence and should be encouraged to exercise it both in their social life and in their professional settings.

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  • Boys are boss

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  • Girls and Boys relationships

    Girls fr the most part, should not be responsible for asking boys out. It is old fashioned, but I still believe that a boy should ask a girl out on a date. There is nothing wrong if a girl wants to ask a boy to go do something, but generally the boy should do it.

  • I do not believe that girls are responsible for asking boys out

    While I do not believe that girls are responsible for asking boys out, I also do not believe that boys are responsible for asking girls out. The interested party (whether male or female) is responsible for their own feelings and is therefore is the party that is responsible for asking the other party out.

  • No: Girls are Not Responsible for Asking out Boys.

    Neither are boys responsible for asking out girls, though this does seem to be the cultural tendency. Asking out is a matter of communicating desire. Neither party is responsible for communicating a desire to the other, if there is no formal relationship. If either party feels inclined to ask the other out, that individual may choose to act upon that desire. It is a choice, not a responsibility.

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