• Girls are responsible for their misbehavior because a normally functioning individual is mostly always responsible for their behavior in general.

    I do not think the gender difference would dictate whether someone is responsible for their misbehavior or not, It would be closer to the mental health of a individual. In any case yes girls are in fact responsible for their misbehavior considering it was a legitimate human choice in the matter, and being a girl doesn't change anything other than your gender and potential choices.

  • Yes, girls are responsible for their misbehavior.

    Girls are completely responsible for their misbehavior. They are in total control when they decide to start acting up. Girls intentionally do all the wrongs things that they decide to do. They just cry and pretend to care when they are caught. Don't trust a girl because she knows what she is doing.

  • Who should be responsible?

    Who should be responsible for a girls misbehavior? Should we blame her parents, boyfriend, peers, the government, or a higher power? Is everything out of our control? Everyone is responsible for their own behavior whether it is good or bad. At some point people need to learn to take responsibility for themselves.

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