• I bet almost everyone who said NO are boys, LOL...

    I am a boy, and I have to agree that some girls are smarter than boys. Boys can be lazy, with work, education etc. Girls however have always been workers. One school reported that "In the distinguished honour roll, there were 84 girls and 44 boys; top scholars included 81 girls and 12 boys and the outstanding service award was given to 28 girls and 9 boys." That is enough said right there. Girls can be smarter than boys, if they work at it.

  • Yes, in almost every way.

    Girls mature faster and sooner than boys. They have more neuron connections and bigger structures in their brains. Girls have better long term memory. They perform better at fine motor tasks. They encounter fewer mental overloads or "pause states" than boys. They have better agility and balance. They are calmer and more emotionally intelligent, more aware of their surroundings and the feelings of others. Girls get better grades than boys across all grade levels and subjects and all over the world, and have for the past 100 years. They beat boys out across 13 tested skill categories by the age of five, before they even get to school. Socially, girls are less risk prone and more cooperative. They are better behaved in school. They don't think fart jokes are funny. Case closed.

  • Appearently, on Average, Yes.

    The Average IQ of a human female as of the most recent examination I have found, says that women are on average a few points higher than men.


    James Flynn supposedly wrote an article about how Female IQ has surpassed Male IQ recently.

    It is asserted that Male IQ continues to have a larger variability that female IQ. This answers the question as to why it is mostly men who are the top scientists, in the same way it answers why it is men who are most likely to be developmentally delayed.

  • I'm sorry guys.........

    Really girls are smarter than boys, who always run behind their interests . Even a thousand boys are behind a girl , the girl is the one who chooses one from them . There boys , who think they are smart are becoming fools , I don't think any of them are fools , instead i wanna say , "girls, go ahead ;you are smarter ."

  • Yes, it's scientifically proven

    Girls on average do better in academics than boys. They are more observant, intuitive, and score higher on IQ tests. They are awesome public speakers too. And if you just look at all of the well thought responses on the YES side, which are mostly girls, you will clearly see that the girls are much more smarter and sensible in their arguments. Sorry guys, you got strength, but we girls have the brains.

  • Girls and boys

    Girls are the smarter individuals and boys are a unintelligent, they don't mature as fast as girls do. Boys will hold on to more childish manners while girls on the other hand will mature. Girls can do as many things as boys can, just because we are the opposite gender doesn't mean we can't play sports like them. Girls are better.

  • Girls are smarter at first, then boys catch up.

    A 2014 study that compared the performance of over a million girls and boys across 30 countries from grading statistics collected between 1914 and 2011. The finding of this massive study was that not only do girls get better grades than boys in every subject including so-called “boy subjects” like math and science, but that they have always received better grades than boys in all subjects, all grade levels, every year for the past century and in all 30 of the countries investigated. The boys provided little contest. The countries involved ranged from Australia to Iran:


    Grades aside, girls also have a significant skills advantage over boys from very early on. This was the finding of a 2005 study done on a very large sample of 560 thousand children between the ages of three and five. The tests included such skills as comprehending sounds, reading, writing, counting, calculating, measuring, sorting, classifying, physical development, creative development, listening, talking, and general knowledge of the world—and the girls beat the boys in every single one of these skills by the age five:


    Recent studies (2014) confirm that girls mature earlier than boys because "girls tend to optimize brain connections earlier than boys":


    For example, studies have found the female superiority in language production and reception may be related to the fact that a specific language-related gene called FOXP2 is 30% more active in girls than it is in young boys:


    Of course, none of this proves that all girls are smarter than all boys, just that girls are more mentally equipped at earlier ages than boys. It is true though, as IQ tests often show, that boys DO make up for lost time, only later on in their teen years.

  • Girls are overall, smarter.

    I'm not saying that all girls are prodigies and all boys are morons, but girls' brains are fully developed about 7 years before boys' are. Again, I'm not saying every girl is smarter than every boy; but scientifically speaking, girls on average are better and developing, and retaining information, this is not me being biased towards boys, IT'S JUST FACT.

  • Yes! Girls are smarter!

    I went into teaching thinking girls and boys were all the same, but if there's one thing I had to learn, it's that girls really are smarter than (same-aged) boys. Now, boys can be very knowledgeable and be very adept at trivia and facts, but they always seem to focus their intelligence into narrow pursuits (usually whatever interests them). Girls on the other hand not only can be just as knowledgeable as boys, but also have this "cleverness" as well that seems just totally lost on the boys. This is to say that the smartest boy in my class, who maybe knows more about certain subject matter (let's say dinosaurs) than any girl in the class, can still probably be outsmarted by just about any girl in the class when it comes matters of classroom politics, friendship making, gaining advantages, gaining favors, flying under the radar with their reasoning about rewards and disciplinary actions, or just be downright tricked by them long before they even know what happened. I try to keep things fair and always rectify the situation professionally, but it happens so often that whenever I hear a "Why does she get to do it?" coming out of a boy's mouth, I feel the momentary temptation to say "sigh""Because Sam... You're a boy and she's a girl, and girls can just do things you can't yet..." But then I come to my senses.

  • Be ca use

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  • ...Therefore, males are smarter than females.

    While this is true that such claim would require deep research of majority of worlds population, we can still draw conclusions based on current empirical data.
    It is well known, that majority of worlds discoveries have, historically, been made by males. While some speculate, that this is only the case because females had very few rights, it's nothing more than a speculation.
    Since majority of worlds discoveries have, historically, been made by males it logically follows that males are more intelligent. Any other conclusion will require additional evidence.
    Since we are talking about time period of more than several thousand years, I will not post evidence and examples of every single discovery, since that would be unreasonably time consuming.

  • Plz make better arguments

    You guys can not take the ugly truth that girls are smarter. After all the evidence, you guys still try and make better arguments, which is a good thing but don't do it on a way that makes the opponent's argument into nothing. Funny thing is, ITS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN! And yet you still don't get it....😶

  • Evolution would suggest not

    Human characteristics are developed from evolution. Men are therefore smarter. By the way, as 'smart'='intelligent', intelligence is defined as 'the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.'
    Why do I say this? Well, back when we were cavemen, humans had a high mortality rate. Men died because of hunting mostly, as well as from wars and natural events. Women died mostly due to childbirth or disease.
    Because of these causes of death, intelligence decreased a man's likelihood of dying early (and not passing on their genes) because intelligence is correlated to success in hunting and other physical endeavours. Yet intelligence does not affect the likelihood of a woman dying in childbirth or disease.
    Consequently, most 'unintelligence' genes for men are eliminated due to death, whereas unintelligent women survived to pass on their genes.
    Ultimately, unintelligent womens' genes weren't removed from the gene pool yet unintelligent mens' were, therefore women have evolved to be more unintelligent.

  • Both genders are smarter in their own spheres

    Yes in some ways females are more 'evolved' than males, most concerningly in the region of multi-tasking and early-age mental status. But overall studies do shows that neither gender is more 'intelligent' than the other, this is not down to the conventional 'IQ' statistics, but rather, from a unique and complex series of series, compounded into one, that show that both genders have their advantages in their own fields. For example, Males have shown to be more 'intelligent' in fields of scholarly thinking. There are more males who have made scientific discoveries, that have completely altered the western worlds way of thinking, than females. On the other hand, females have shown to have made more discoveries in the domestic setting.

    If you look into the biological sector, females are actually more 'sturdy' than males are. They tend to live longer, their vital bones and organs are noticeably stronger and their cells in their bodies break down slower than males. This is because females are the main vessel for human reproduction, among other things. Whereas males are naturally physically stronger, and are born in a higher percentage (63% of newborns are males) this can be linked to the fact that males tend to die more often; due to them being in the more 'physical' role than females. Furthermore, testosterone actually causes brain cells directly.

    It is true that young females students, and female students in general, do have higher schooling scores than males do; but the majority of males who get high schooling scores, and even some who get low ones, are known for their brilliance in later life. Females are shown to have better memories, in the aspect that they can remember more instances than males, but males are shown has to have photographic memory in more instances than females; and males are shown to be able to remember key details and aspects, more so than woman.

    The idea of maturity and being 'emotionally intelligent' all dwindles down to the values, morals, ethics and beliefs of a society; and cannot actually be put as empirical data; due to the fluctuation of beliefs in different societies; this along can be tied in with 'they are calmer... More aware of their surroundings and feelings of others'. This quote relates to empathy levels, which studies do show that females have a higher sense of; but in all retrospectives, having a lower sense of empathy and ethical thinking in fields of governance, military and/or other leadership roles has and is shown to be more effective and needed.

    The quote 'girls get better grades than boys across all grade levels and subjects and all over the world, and have for the past 100 years'. This statement cannot be backed up, or taken as factual account. Given than only 50 years ago, females were considered to be 'below' men. And the majority of the female population, living in large pop regions, were held in even lower regard than that of males.

  • Men and Woman are equal

    There is nothing in particular that would cause one sex to be smarter then the other. Smartness is not directly correlated with sex, as it depends on genes/ how you are raised. In conclusion, we are equal in ways to woman, if not smarter due to our brain size. Thank you.

  • No logical conclusion

    I'm not saying men are smarter than women, nor am I saying women are smarter than men. However, on occasion it is usually the man that comes out with breakthroughs. Such as the vaccine for Polio, landing on the Moon, or even something humble like the cotton gin. Women have done research in the science field and have accomplished great things they ought to be thanked for.

    "Girls mature faster and sooner than boys"

    Doesn't mean they're smarter.

    "Girls have better long term memory"

    But can they recall the memory easier?

    "They encounter fewer mental overloads"

    Doesn't mean they're smarter.

    "They are calmer and more emotionally intelligent"

    Calm but what about IQ?

  • Um... No, not in all aspects.

    The girls in your description sound like girls that have not gone to ANY of my schools (believe me, I have been to four schools in the past four years. They are Cordova High school, Eminence High School, Kate Bond Middle, and Woodstock Middle). Every single girl in the schools I have attended does not fit into this description. I do agree, as it was proven, that girls mature faster than boys do. Some of the other things you have stated are true, but they do not necessarily prove that girls are smarter; you just listed God-given attributes. Now, I want to see proof of your argument, you cannot just go and say things without backing them up.

  • Grades = Maturity

    It's wrong to say that girl's are just simply smarter than boys. I believe that boys and girls just have different work ethics, and though a girl might be book smart, a boy might be more street smart or might have more interest in hands on activities. Just because a girl might have better grades than a guy doesn't mean that one is smarter than the other. It just means that one person has applied themselves and the other didn't. It is also the complete opposite, some boys get better grades and academic awards than some girls do. It just goes to show that everyone is particular about their jolly's in life.

  • Girls are not smarter

    Gender has nothing to do with intelligence males can have good IQs and so can females. Although males do tend to be lazier when it comes to work they are still as smart if not smarter then females. So someone's intelligence can't be predicted by gender and that's the truth.

  • No the side supporting yes are being ignorant...

    No gender is smarter then the other - it depends with what you do with the mind you have and how hard you study. //// / / / / / // / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / // / Plus anyways boys make suffer in education do to social issues that revolve around male ideas. Branding and such...

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T10:50:58.463
They mature faster but that doesn't mean smarter. Boys and girls can be equally smart and not
kitloin says2016-01-29T13:09:35.910
It doesn't matter my gf and i have the same iq and we are the top dogs in the class but how do test scores matter? Hint hint the way they get so high is they use these 2 things: internet and study and guess what? I studied and i get 100 to 80% on all my tests so there
kitloin says2016-01-29T13:18:47.807
And also maturity is not u r so big and bad it means u r ready to reproduce sorry women but it is true if you mature faster= you reproduce faster
TheGodson says2016-02-06T13:34:26.217
Males and Females are roughly equal intelligence. (Note: knowledge and education do not equate to intelligence).
While the male and female brains are very different, they rank fairly the same on standard IQ tests.
Males tend to perform better on spacial abilities. Women tend to perform better on facial recognition and better distinguish color shades. These are just averages. Over all though they are about the same. If anything, males would be more likely to be smarter because they are bigger in physical brain size but still they are pretty much even.
kitloin says2016-02-19T13:27:58.020
What does having a penis have to with IQ?

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