Are girls themselves responsible for their insecurity?

  • Its not the fault of the Media.

    The children per se if they are overweight look at these models and say "why cant I be like them" or "im so fat, people like that shouldn't be where they are" but how is that the models's fault? For example, the obesity epidemic. Many many many people are overweight or obese, and that's on the rise in children. They look at the models, say that THE MODELS are at fault, that's 100%wrong because you can always lose the weight. You just need to make an effort.

  • I think that it is girls themselves who are really responsible for their insecurity.

    I think that it is girls themselves who are really
    responsible for their insecurity. It
    never ceases to amaze me how even the most beautiful women in the world can be
    secretly insecure. Women who are
    physically flawless will still feel inadequate and think that they need to
    alter their bodies with plastic surgery.

  • In a sense.

    In essence, girls or anyone for that matter are the source of their own insecurities. On the most fundamental level, insecurities result from our own perception of what is presented to us. The media is often blamed for eliciting insecurity within girls. While the media is not an innocuous entity, it is merely presenting an image that is open to interpretation. This often gets misconstrued. The media plays on the inherent insecurities that are ALREADY rampant in young people(not just girls.) I am not condoning the media, I am simply stating that they prey on insecurities that are already present. It is human nature to possess these insecurities and to want more. This yearning for MORE takes on many and oftentimes indistinguishable forms. ( ie the insecurities that many modern women have). So by following logical thought, girls are responsible for their own insecurities, and the media is responsible for exacerbating the insecurities.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own insecurities, that doesn't mean the media and society don't contribute

    Of course, particularly if you are asking who is responsible it shows you're at a level of awareness where you should just choose not to be insecure. If you realize "beauty" is just a socially constructed idea that reflects people's personal preferences then it makes no sense to base your self-worth on beauty though you could still devote time and attention to making yourself "beautiful" either as a "self as an artform" thing or in an attempt to appeal to other people's concept of beauty in order to promote your own self-interests.
    Of course too many people aren't aware of this, particularly young children. Which is why we should make young children aware of social constructs and that things like beauty are socially constructed. It would solve a lot of problems. Imagine "ew, there goes miss ugly fattyfat" and she retorts "ugliness is just a social construct and I've decided that from my personal aesthetics I like being fat." Making young children aware of social construct theory would save kids a lot of headaches and self-esteem issues growing up.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Something everyone has heard before. As a teenage girl, I'm one of the main people the media tries to influence. I don't fall into that and if I do, it's my own fault. The media isn't holding a gun to my head telling me to be a certain way and sure the girls on TV are beautiful and wear gorgeous clothes, so do I. At the end of the day, if you don't feel pretty, it's your own fault. If you're a teen who has friends and is smart and talented and lives up to your own personal best then you have no reason to want to be like someone else. I've said to myself before "I want that hair, I want that shirt, I want that tummy" so what did I do? I work out. I buy that top. I try new stuff with my hair. But I don't want to be someone else.

  • Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Lincoln

    Insecurity, female or male, is a personal matter of self-confidence. The question is phrased as though every women is insecure when that is not true. Everybody is insecure sometimes, but blaming your raving insecurity on "society" is a cop-out. If you have a problem with your body the solution is not to point fingers at Olay commercials or to kick the crap out of supermodels.

    I can explain it like this: If you are socially insecure, generally the solution in your mind is to shut off and stay indoors raging about how stupid people are on the internet, generally because you fear rejection. This behavior offers no challenge or change, and therefore is secure, but it is also unhealthy. The solution is to go out and make some friends, which ironically holds you up for rejection. Through the challenge you will grow.

    The same goes for every insecurity. If you want to fix it, you have to go fix it. Sure, by showing girls barbies at a young age you set their hopes too high and etc, etc, but ultimately it is a matter that the person has to sort out; to learn how to live with society. Society doesn't have to learn how to live with you because you aren't the center of the universe.

  • No, look at the media

    It is presented by women who are near enough models look alike, programs like the 'The only way is Essex' don't help either. It is also the social norm for women to do their hair, wear feminine clothes, wear make-up, shave etc. Admittedly I do all of those things, but because I want too, not because I feel I have to.
    We do still live in a slightly sexist society, not a massively sexist society, but that is a contributing factor to girls insecurity.
    Girls though can help their insecurity though by instead of following role models like the Kardashians or other famous celebrities, but follow inspirations political figures, sports personalities or maybe successful leaders or brilliant business women!
    But what about men? With today's society, men feel the need to follow fashion, be clean, men can now get make-up and moisturiser etc. Obviously not as insecure as women, but maybe getting there?

  • Of course not

    We live in a sexist and misogynistic society where we require women to put on makeup and shave all their body hair off to be considered socially acceptable. Society teaches girl shame (e.G. Cover yourself up, don't have sex, close your legs, if you're not beautiful you're nothing) like being born a female is already something we should be guilty of. We live in a world where victim blaming/slut shaming, objectification of women, etc. Is prevalent--how is it justifiable to say that women are the ones creating their sense of insecurity?

  • Definitely not, Media, TV and upbringing contribute to insecurities in women,girls,boys, men and also children!

    Todays consumer, media driven society is full of subliminal psychology that influence everyone who fall prey to it...From TV,magazines,movies and pop culture...Teenagers that are victims of circumstance ( such as bad upbringings and poor self esteem as children ) are at risk of developing poor selfworth and insecurities in highschool, as this is when most bullying and criticism occurs. Teenage boys are also effected.. Just look at what teenagers have access to wuth the internet in this day an age! ..Porn.. Social media (on which each individual photo posted is judged with likes) it causes brainwashing in our youth and society in general, all of these factors contribute to poor self esteem. If a young girl thinks her worth is based on how many likes she gets on a photo, how she compares to girls on magazine covers.. Then this is going to effect her greatly. It is the medias fault. How else would the economy keep up? Of course they will feel bad about themselfs if they can't achieve the image portrayed to these girls.. We need to teach our girls that what we achieve,academically,intellectually,with grace and gratitude is what matters most... How can we expect to help our future generations of youth with self esteem? If the new fad is lip fillers? And breast implants? ..Im nearly 30..And so much has changed since even I was in highschool, I remember young boys had a mass effect on my confidence when they made snide remarks about my breast size ( along with other hurtful things) that hurt still carries with me to this day... But it wasn't the young boys fault either, they were subjected to very full on content on the internet! Its media!..Parenting also has alot to do with security..People today are not taught to be happy with what they were born with,because so much of this shitty media brainwashing exists we should be taught to love the inner light and beauty..Nature.. Not this fake plastic tree society..Its very sad and I fear for this new millennial generation.. :(

  • Not at all

    Youuuuuuu areeeeeeee allllllll beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll doesnt matter what you look like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean really like its not girls fault that the media has a size that they should be there are woman out there that are not eating trying to be skinnier and its not okay you are perfect the way you were born

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  • It depends on their upbringing, but society has a big part in it.

    Some children that come from unhappy homes or who have had unstable lives with divorced parents, constantly fighting parents will feel insecure and unstable about themselves and wonder why nobody loves them. The same is true for if the girl as a child is teased or harshly bullied by others. Society only aggravates the problem by giving girls an image that they can constantly compare themselves against, and when they don't measure up, that's when the insecurity manifests itself in the way the girl acts, dresses, thinks of herself, etc.

  • Criticism can be hurtful.

    We aren't born with the ability to know what others want us to be and what they expect from us. These standards are set by society. When people criticize, it can be taken to the heart. If someone tells them that they're fat and they need to lose weight, they will probably think that that is what everybody wants them to do, and when they are unable to achieve that, they can become insecure about what they look like. Being insecure can be compared to a disease. If it is diagnosed early (as in trying to boost your self esteem at an early age) the growth and magnitude of the problem can be decreased. Like a hospitalized patient, they don't have a choice in what "disease" they have and they can't just tell themselves not to be insecure. It is influenced by many outside factors that can't be prevented, like the media and how others treat you. There are reasons for everything. Yes, some girls may be mentally stronger than others, but there has to be something that triggers something tha tells the girl that she might not be good enough.

  • How can they be when men treat them the way they do??

    Men don't like insecure girls...Yet they are part of the reason we are like it! Not returning calls, ignoring us, using us, one night stands...Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying every guy is like this or that there aren't girls that are the same, but on the whole, from my experience it's men that give us our relationship insecurities and make us paranoid.

  • Not at all

    Girls are not responsible for their insecurity.Its the society problem.They think that girls cannot go outside and all they are not being trained to respect girls.Insecure women are often extremely dependent They need a stronger, more dominant person for support whether it is financial and/or emotional. They are risk aversive and are deeply afraid to use their own initiative and venture out to curve their own identities. Even though a few insecure women work, it is often at jobs that are not high powered. They are more comfortable in roles as followers than as leaders. They do not have the self-confidence required to be leaders of any kind.

  • It isn't her fault

    I mean every child is born without securities and if they are told that something is wrong with them.. Then yea they are going to be insecure about that thing.. Girls go through a lot and it seems that they are supposed to be skinny or slim and if not then something is wrong with them and they become insecure.. No one is born believing that they are ugly. Theyt are just made to believe something is wrong with them...

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