• Yes absolutely this

    Women are less likely to kill people than men, Less depressed than men, Less stressed than men, And more likely to pursue higher education than men are. I think that without a doubt women are better than men and should run the world and completely remove men from the planet. This except unironically. Men make horrible decisions compared to our female overlords

  • Girls have better Genitals

    Girls have better genitals than boys. They can have multiple orgasms where we boys can't. Also, They can see each other boobs and can go into Victoria Secret without looking like a creep. Also in the porn buisness, Women are more popular as watching male porn is just upright wrong and disgusting and gay like seriously who wants to watch men naked?

  • (I'm a boy) They are, Provided simulated asexual reproduction makes men obsolete, Or the male intelligence gap provides even smarter girls in comparison to men

    Girls have previously been simply "better" than boys, As maturity, Endurance, Varied intelligence, And the ability to produce life is "better" than more muscle, More testosterone-driven power, And being bigger and more headstrong. Sexism and the Patriarchy is virtually all most boys can do to feel better than girls, As they lack the ability to see that bettering themselves and learning to be more mature and intelligent would add all the girls' attributes to theirs. NOW, With artificial insemination, And soon-to-be simulated asexual reproduction, Boys would be essentially unnecessary for reproduction and continuation of the human race, So even if all boys were to mature as fast as girls, Have as much endurance, And combine that with the male physical advantage, Girls would go back to being "better", As boys still wouldn't be able to reproduce and continue as a single gender. Therefore, With the combination of the better attributes of girls, The better they fare on average, And the pending advantage of someday not needing boys to reproduce, As hard as it is for me as an intelligent, Strong, Male (with as much endurance as a girl), I would have to say that girls are most likely to be "way better" than boys. However, Provided artificial asexual reproduction isn't developed, At the rate male leaders are doing questionable things to the world, There would still be an outstanding argument for girls being "way better" than boys. At the very least, Girls are currently "better" than boys.

  • Both genders are equally good

    I am liberal and as such I support gender equality. Biological gender / sex doesn't really affect anything. Contrary to popular belief even genitals aren't affected. There is literally no physical difference and as such we should treat both same. Gender doesn't affect ability to do physically difficult jobs ( military, Police, SWAT ).

  • Women suck bad

    Increasing number of women on company boards cuts profits by 12%
    -https://www. Dailymail. Co. Uk/sciencetech/article-7205495/Increasing-number-women-company-boards-cuts-profits-12pc. Html? Ito=social-twitter_mailonline

    Ever wonder why there are no women billionares

    They should just stay in the kitchen forever, They are greedy, Suck in sport and business, God do they suck, The Average Male score on the Math SAT is 534 points while Females are 500, Loser women, And thats when Men are discriminated ins schools

  • No, Unless you are a feminazi bigot

    Sure, It might be a bit easier to raise a young girl than a boy but there is almost no proof in the world that girls are better than boys. I'm assuming by boys and girls you mean young male and female humans. Although they may mature faster, At this point they are not "girls" anymore but actually young women, While boys of their age are still boys.

  • Depends on what's meant

    If you're suggesting all females are better than males in a preschool childish sort of way that men are beneath them, I'd have to disagree. You cannot judge people by gender as every person is different and unique in their own ways with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    If you're suggesting physically and mentally, I've heard males are naturally more stronger, So I would have to disagree with that but again, There are several extremely physically fit and strong women who would far outdo a male.

    I believe mentality does not differ between gender though either as like I said before every person is unique.

    Just to sum up my opinion though, There will be instances that if you opposed both genders women would be significantly better whereas in other cases men are. If you specifically said are girls way better at boys at * you'd get a more conclusive answer.

  • We're all pieces of ****

    Being a fairly social person, Nearly every male I've met could be described as a worthless piece of garbage, And nearly every female could be described as a worthless piece of garbage. Nearly every trans, Non-binary and so on - garbage. If you're going to stereotype an entire gender, It will almost always be equally terrible

  • Both Genders are Good

    Seriously! This is kind of sexist. Both genders are great. There is no real superior gender. I'm not saying boys are better, Just girls are not better either. Both genders are equal in value and greatness, And can both accomplish things together. Thank you so much for reading my opinion.

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