Are global warming and global cooling theories the same?

  • Global warming and cooling are different

    I think Global warming and cooling are part of a same overalls system within the Earth's temperature cycle. I think we experience warming for a certain period, then a cooling for another period. It is how the earth balances out all the effect of how we contaminate the atmosphere and keeps everything flowing smoothly.

  • To Me They Are

    Given that we really haven't been on this planet very long and we have no idea how it reacts to certain threats, I believe that global warming and global cooling theories are the same. I'm not certain we've knocked our planet out of balance, but we have noted dissimilar weather patterns.

  • They are related.

    Overall it is not disputable that we are going through a global climate change that is brought about by human forces. Global warming and global cooling are not exactly the same, but they do have similar principles which basically just state that if we don't do something about our emissions, then we are in trouble.

  • No, they are opposite.

    No, global warming and global cooling theories are not the same, because the two theories end up in different places. In global warming, the conclusion is that we need to limit our industrialization, because the earth cannot handle so many carbon emissions. Global cooling does not blame humans so quickly for the problems. They are different explanations for the same set of data.

  • No they are not the same thing

    I think global warming and cooling are 2 similar problems on the same spectrum. Honestly I think the concept behind this theory was maybe just a juvenile retort to the theory of global warming because of it's criticisms and those who are in denial because of the simple fact that it can be hard to live with the idea that your kind is responsible for the end of our existence

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