• There are 50+ problems with GMO health risks.

    Gmo is a great idea, I mean more food, less damage, health benefits, but what about the recorded downsides? Accelerated age is something everyone tries to avoid, yet it was recorded happening to those whom ate the GMO food in their studies. Medicine in the food has all this and glamour, but there are millions out there with allergies to things being put into these foods and it can cause mass starvation. Along side that problem is the fact that this is considered a monoculture, if there were to be an outbreak of a disease that killed these plants, all the largest famines throughout history would pale to the new one. Intestinal problems, these most likely occur due to the pesticides/herbicides used on the plants. Plants grow in block formation, and these herbicides and pesticides kill them at their current block, with the new DNA from animals and such, the plants are absorbing the poisons. This is a major health risk which is why all kinds of countries are banning these foods all together.

  • GMO products are harmful to our health.

    GMO products are harmful to our health. When they were first introduced in 1996, they were better because they could grow crops without all the pesticides that usually end up in our food supply. However, They cite animal studies showing organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility. Human studies show how genetically modified (GM) food can leave material behind inside us, possibly causing long-term problems.

  • GMO products are harmful to our health.

    GMO products genetically modify food in a way that detracts from their nutritional value. Furthermore, genetically modified foods contain additives that can be harmful to both humans and animals. Furthermore, the process of genetically modifying food can have lasting environmental impact by disrupting delicate eco-systems on which both humans and animals rely.

  • Does altering our food equate to altering our health?

    "Foods that are considered GMOs are altered with chemicals, through insertion of genetic material (or growing techniques) that do not occur naturally in the plant." explains Jennifer Schwab, Chief Sustainability Officer, SCGH.Com.

    Altering foods has had consequences, such as: Producing toxic varieties. Also, radiation has been used to speed up the growth, which was termed, DNA disruption.

    Does altering our food equate to altering our health? For better or worse?

  • No, they're proven safe.

    There are over 2000 published indepenedent, peer reviewed studies on their safety, one of them was a 10 year EU funded study. If that's not independent enough for the anti movement, they already have their mind set on GMOs somehow being evil and dangerous, that not matter how much science disagrees with them, they will deny it.

  • No its safe

    GM foods are thoroughly tested, and made sure they're safe to eat. I mean come on people we all eat GM foods all the time and half the time we don't even know its gm foods. It give us the nutrients we need, with out gm foods we would've have strawberry's,honey crisp apples,pineapple, etc. Just think for once

  • We Don't Know

    We have no way of knowing if GMO products are harmful to our health. This is why people are asking questions and pushing for research. These products were created and used without being checked for safety and that has people nervous. Rightfully so, considering we don't even know which companies and products use GMO's.

  • They are healthier.

    No, GMO products are not harmful for our health, because they are engineered to be better. GMO products are richer, juicier, and they have more nutritional value. They make it easier for farmers to farm in a small pace. They are not helpful because there is no evidence that they cause any damage to people.

  • No, GMO products are not harmful.

    I do not believe that genetically modified foods are harmful to people and their health. I think that there is not enough evidence to think so. But more research needs to be done though to find out if there is any long term affects of GMOs to the health of people.

  • GMO products are not harmful to our health

    I do not believe that GMO products are harmful to our health. Study after study has borne this out. GMO foods have been engineered to withstand harsher growing conditions that they were not able to thrive in previously. This has in turn allowed countries experiencing droughts or adverse weather conditions to be able to grow their own food, alleviating famine and poverty. I believe that banning them simply due to this paranoid belief that they are harmful to our health is unethical.

  • Over 2000 studies have been conducted, all of which say GMOs are safe.

    There's just no evidence to support the idea that GMOs are harmful to humans. The people who are spreading lies about GMOs are the pseudo-scientists who promote homeopathic medicines that do nothing but take away money from people with illness. Why ban something that has the potential to feed millions of people?

  • No scientific evidence to support harm

    After almost 20 years on the market and hundreds of independent studies, no evidence has arisen that shows any harmful effects to human health. Every major scientific and health organization has agreed they are not harmful.

    The public has to listen to actual reputable scientists and not activists for their information on gmos or the more correct term, "transgenics."

    There is no debate in the scientific community except for those with an anti-gmo agenda; the organic industry which stands to gain market share by vilifying a competitor, and activists who have wrongly conflated the technology with corporations who use it. The third group is the anti-science, alt-med industry who hawk bogus cures for non-existent gmo dangers.

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