• Yes, GMOs are a hidden danger.

    Yes, GMOs are as dangerous as Greenpeace claims. Many countries do not allow GMOs, and there must be a good reason for that. Without watchdogs and groups such as Greenpeace watching out for us, citizens as a whole are uneducated and can unsuspectingly welcome harmful things into their homes and bodies. There is no proven nutritional benefit of GMO laden foods. Without Greenpeace bringing to light the harms and dangers that GMOs present, many would not be aware. Many countries do not allow GMOSs, and it is for good reason. Greenpeace is looking out for the health and betterment of the people.

  • GMOs are lab created and do have the potential to harm individuals

    There is ample research that proves that genetically modified organisms and food does have the potential to cause damage to the human body. These genetically modified foods contain elements that our bodies were not designed to sustain and to metabolize. GMOs do have the potential to introduce unnatural and inorganic substances to our diets causing issue.

  • No, GMOs are not as dangerous as Greenpeace claims.

    No, Greenpeace's claims that genetically modified organisms are baseless. GMOs are genetically modified to bring added benefits to people, and they have the potential to help end hunger in parts of the developing world. Greenpeace's claims that GMOs are dangerous have no basis in science as attested to by 107 Nobel Prize laureates.

  • Nothing dangerous about them

    Researchers have yet to show any evidence that GMOs are dangerous to us. There have been many amazing benefits, such as reduced costs and more healthy plants. Because it is such a new concept, we don't have the years of research to show if there are any long-term negative health consequences, but no short-term consequences have arisen.

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