• GMOs are bad...

    They are harmful to everyone's and everything' health. GMOs change the DNA in whatever is modified. Lets say a genetically modified crop like corn is made. That "corn's" DNA is now changed and whatever consumes it (lets say a cow) has a radical DNA change as well. After that humans consume these sick animals changing our DNA, which also causes severe health issues such as leaky gut, allergies and so many others. With leaky gut, that is when GMOs practically create holes in your stomach lining and your poisoned food seeps into your blood stream and throughout your body, harming the rest of your body. Genetic modification can also change chromosomes in small infants through baby formulas causing autism and other "mental disorders". GMOs are one of the biggest, yet hidden, things that ruin health. It should definitely be labeled and eventually banned! GMOs and companies like Monsanto that create/supports it are destroying the health of everyone including fragile beings such as elders and small children. It is also killing our beloved animals and crops! Also We made enough goods without the use of GMOs before, so why do we need them now? Many studies show the dangers of GMOs and they really should be outlawed. To the people who say that it was cause job loss: if a company gets labeled with GMOs it's simple enough to just cease the use of them, and everyone gets to keep their jobs. It wouldn't be that much of a problem. Finally GMO labeling is necessary to give consumers appropriate choice in what they eat.
    Many people would be indifferent to whether or not the food they are consuming is genetically modified, so GMO companies would not be significantly hurt by labeling. Moreover, the right to choose which foods we put in our bodies requires knowledge, and without labeling, this knowledge would be unavailable and consequently, companies would undermine our rights for the sake of profit. Any sacrifice made by the companies is vastly insignificant compared to the benefit for consumers.

  • GMO are not bad

    GMO's are not bad it is the company's controlling them. Monsanto wants to control the food industry by selling patented crop that farmers cannot reuse them without having to buy them again. This is bad but under the right regulations, testing and research Gmos can be safe, even safer that no gmo crops with more nutritious and natural pest resistance that could not only boost the plant's resistance against diseases but also ours. Check out this

  • I may just not know enough but...

    I just don't exactly know, if lets say for example, GMO labeling would really help anything, or just surprise a mass of people, that we use GMO's already, and "Monsanto" is only a speck when it comes to the number of GMOs. As much as I don't necessarily agree with the degree of modification Monsanto may be doing, similar things have been done for hundreds, thousands of years with plants, and animals.
    To me they are not different enough to demonize GMO, but idk, someone enlighten me on this current "popular" issue.

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