• I think they are.

    I can see no reason to believe that they are a problem. The reasons why people don't like them seem very illogical to me. Mostly it seems to center on some kind of obsession with nature almost like they believe it is some kind of conscious entity that wants them to act a certain way. The overwhelming number of scientists seem to think GMOs are safe. This is good enough for me.

  • Of course they are

    It's funny that there is a class of people who think that mainstream food is toxic, yet the life expectancy is going up.

    The only reason people would want to genetically engineer food is if they could make the food better. The process has less risk than artificial selection, which is how we have our foods today.

  • You won't die, but that doesn't mean it's good for you

    So, yeah, obviously you're not going to die from it. But who says it's good for you?
    We don't have enough scientific studies proving that GMO's are harmless. And, the data that we do have is from the companies that are producing the GMO food so the data is completely biased and supports their own opinions.
    If the GMO's were being produced for the betterment of humanity, I would probably trust them more. But, the fact is that GMO food is usually created for entirely superficial reasons. They create fruit that doesn't have seeds so that farmers are forced to purchase new seed every year instead of letting nature run it course. They modify food so that it is a particular shape or colour, which is completely unnecessary. I don't care if my apple isn't completely round, nor does it need to be 2 times the size of a natural apple. On a side note, I also don't care if my ground beef is red. I wish they'd stop dying the f*** out of my meat. I doubt most people know what meat actually looks like. It's so weird.
    In the end, I think that GMO food is unnecessary and that we need a significant amount of studies done by completely impartial scientists to determine the long term effects of its consumption.

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