• They have to make the case to the world.

    Yes, good debaters are great candidates for good presidents, because a presidents has to spend a lot of time convincing the rest of the world that Americans are good and that our policies are good. Other nations will be a lot friendlier to the United States if the president can convince people we are doing the right things.

  • Necessary but Insufficient

    Bad debaters lack one of several things: the ability to see other perspectives, attention to detail, grasp of relevance, basic literacy, ability to connect with people, maybe a bit of courage. A candidate who is "bad" at debate really ought not to be in politics.

    But "good" debaters can lack a few such qualities as well (we've all spent some time on this website, so I won't elaborate).

    And "amazing" debaters are the ones who can win whether or not they are correct (or even "believe" they are correct). Again, this is DBO, so I won't elaborate.

    The proper debate skill for a president is strong enough to sell us legitimately good ideas which may be difficult to grasp, but not strong enough to evade responsibility. "The buck stops here"

  • No because average debaters can be great candidates for president.

    While a great candidate for the office of President may be a good debater, it is not the sole determining factor of greatness. There many instances where a candidate was only had average debating skill yet was able to win the Presidential election. The presidential debates occur very late in the election process. A really personable candidate can have huge lead in the polls by the time they occur.

  • A good debater does not make a good presidental candidate

    Good debaters do not always make for a good presidential candidate . Anyone can study and learn how to be a good debater but it takes much more than that to be a good candidate for president. A good president needs to possess more than just basic debate skills to be a good leader for our country. I would rather a president that lacks debate skills but knows how to run a country over someone that knows what to say!

  • Ability to debate is not the sign of a good president.

    Good debaters do not make great candidates for good presidents. They are simply skilled at talking. They might be voted into the presidency, but it doesn't mean they will be a good president. Debating means a person can form words out of thoughts quickly. But most very intelligent people are not into debating. They would rather get down to business.

  • Not A Requirement

    Being able to debate well is always a good trait for a presidential candidate but it's certainly not a required trait. Our past presidents have varying abilities, some can debate issues in a very helpful matter, others have a knack for giving speeches, some were bad at both. I believe a candidate that can debate certainly makes a better candidate, but it's not the deciding factor.

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