Are good students the only ones who deserve education?

  • Wasting valuable time

    Giving the bad students the idea of education will never be of useful act. It is true for all times and evident that a bad student remains as a bad student and nothing else. The society can never derive anything constructive from him. So, good students should only be educated.

  • A waste of government resources

    Because many people do not have an interest in studying. Instead they go to school and cause chaos; they might bully others, disrupt classes and influence others. I agree that everyone deserves basic education but tertiary education is not for everybody. It should only be for those who actually make an effort to study.

  • Everyone is Unique

    Every kids are different. They have different hobbies, different talents, and different weakness. Education should not merely judge a kid from a general prejudice of what is smart and not, but instead target the specialty of each individuals; of which will require more funding to do a Personality test rather than IQ test but will truly benefit the economy when their talents develop.

  • Nooo no no

    I really think that everyone deserves to have the right to an education and that there has to be a reason why a student doesnt succeed in school, like maybe there is family problems or personal problems. I really think that everyone has the potential to be great and its not fair to just take that away without knowing the root of the problem with the student.

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