• Both GoPro and Tesla are good investment choices.

    The proof is in the numbers. Both stock choices of Tesla and GoPro have shown steady increases, even when other stocks are faltering. Yes, it is this writer's opinion that these are great investment choices. In my opinion, Tesla is the first choice and GoPro the second. Tesla is a gold mine.

  • Yes, they are good stocks to invest in.

    Yes, I think that GoPro and Tesla are good stocks in which to invest in because they are both items that just went up on the market and they are growing and growing as we speak and only getting more popular, not less popular so I think it could end up making good money.

  • Yes theses are both great stocks to invest in.

    These two items, the GoPro and the Tesla are both items that are considered "hot" right now. Which gives me the right to think that whoever invested in either or both companies will be making some good money right now. These two items are trending in today's world and are both things that can't really go out of business (Car and camera).. I think whoever invested in them is set for a while!!

  • No, Do Not Invest in GoPro or Tesla

    I would wait before investing in these stocks. GoPro has been in the news lately as possibly being the cause of an accident. Also, the price of gas continues to fall so less people will be buying Tesla. I do think that at some point it will be a good time to invest in these stocks in the future but not right now.

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