• Go Pro or Go Home

    I think GoPro cameras are safe, it's the consumers who are not safe. A GoPro is no different than strapping a safety light to the back of your shirt when you're riding your bike at night. It is the same size and non evasive. It just depends on how far you're willing to go for "good footage". It gets a bad reputation for being unsafe because the consumers are mainly those who are into extreme sports.

  • Safety of GoPro Cameras confirmed!

    With the advent of GoPro cameras the use of cameras in everyday life has been increasing exponentially. GoPro has modified their camera to be easy to use and an asset for multitudes of functionality across a broad spectrum of users. As the GoPro is so user friendly and safe it has become the "go to" solution for multitudes of people to record everyday life to scientific research with a simple camera.

  • Yes, I do believe GoPro Camera's are safe.

    Since the first day I saw a GoPro being used in a Wingsuit sky dive, I knew things could get dangerous. The real question though is, is the camera dangerous or is the person using it being safe? I believe the camera is safe but the people using it are dangerous. I say this because, If I wanted, I could go buy myself a GoPro and turn it on in my living room to record my cat or to record a time lapse video of my garden... There is no need to go use the camera in any extreme or dangerous situation. Camera's have been invented for many years and it has never been proved to be dangerous, because that would be non sense! Maybe it is because the GoPro can be strapped to anything at any time that makes it convenient for some situations but It does not mean you have to put yourself in a dangerous situation. All in all, It's up to the person using it to decide what he/she would like to do with their GoPro camera. Just stay safe!

  • Can't Blame The Technology

    It is very easy to blame technology for issues, incidents and accidents. Drivers who use their cell phones to the point of distraction are commonplace nowadays, and many commentators blame the phones. Inappropriate use of technology, whether a cell phone or a GoPro camera, is based on the user, not the technology.

  • Blatantly just an add.

    Notice how neither the person asking nor any of the responses have a SN. The link on the question is even more like an add for investors.

    Though the use of a strap on camera would be safer than trying to do something dangerous while looking through a viewfinder, The video tends to be choppy and disorienting. Many times this is a result from not having image stabilization that quality hand held camera have but is also because it moves automatically with the head of the person wearing it. This means the viewer is at the whim of whatever random thing the camera wearer wants to look at. If you ever seen scenes from certain movies or some TV shows that use them, you know what I am talking about. It is just a poor video experience.

    Actually, implied safety makes things less safe. One of the greatest safety feature made for vehicles is the airbag. If you airbag was replaced with a set of steel spikes, I think you would drive a lot more carefully, true? Today, many police forces issue bulletproof vests. Though it would be safer to be shot if your wearing one, the fact that you have one on could make a person feel invulnerable to bullets and take risks that they normally would avoid. In the end, they may put even more officers at risk of being shot at and to me, your odds of survival are better if your not shot at in the first place than being shot at while wearing a vest.
    On a similar note, watching someone take a video may inspire other wannabe camera guys to get something risky on camera. Just as watching other types of videos have inspired some real stupid way to die, attempting something "extreme" just for footage would have the same result. Many consumers see these professional videos and want to be just like what they saw and do the same things. The difference is, when those videos are shot, they tend to have a trained professional doing the stunt and a safety team there just in case things go wrong. They also don't use any footage of failed attempts at the stunt. In the long run, it will just inspire consumers to take risks that they should not, clearly that is not safe at all.

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