Are government programs designed to provide unemployment benefits actually providing disincentives to work?

  • Of course it is

    While such things may work in small countries like Sweden, we're the United States. We're a huge country, and with huge countries like ours, crime and poverty may or may not be prevalent. While not all government recipients are criminals, it can and sometimes is exploited by criminal actions. Some people live off the system, and if they don't want to get a job and work for what they need, then we don't need to support them. Cut them off unless they start working and try to get off the system. It's like a drug to some.

  • Yes, in some cases, people become lazy on welfare.

    Yes, the government, in some cases, provide desincentives to work. It's an issue that needs to be handled. Also, I don't believe that people should be able to simply have as many children as they want if they are on welfare. If they're going to have more than two, for instance, the government should cut them off.

  • Yes, Government Unemployment Programs Disincentivize the Unemployed

    Government unemployment programs provide disincentives to work in two ways: first, there is no government work program associated with being unemployed (i.e you get your benefit by doing some work for your country), and benefits run for so long it is easy to stay unemployed for a long time, at which point it is harder to get back into the work force.

  • People find a job when unemployment runs out.

    Yes, government programs that are designed to provide unemployment benefits are actually providing disincentives to work, because people tend to find jobs right at the limit of when their unemployment benefits run out. Someone who gets unemployment all winter every year has no incentive to find a winter job instead of just collect.

  • Opportunity to Recover

    I believe many workers are denied their benefits or released from work in ways that makes it impossible for them to collect unemployment when they should be able to. For those that do receive it, it gives them an opportunity to recover and find comparable work if it is available. It should not be seen as a disincentive.

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