Are government programs providing student loans sufficiently available to people in need of educational financing?

  • There are multitudes of educational financing options available to all people in need

    I believe there has been a big push to make more money available for educational financing. There are many options to choose from, including loans, grants, partial work programs, subsidized loans,...These require some effort to get but are available and open to many. They are well advertised and if you visit your student loan center at your school, they can educate you on all the options available.

  • No they aren't

    No they are not being provided sufficiently they are not allowing those that don't have the grades to qualify. They should be for the ones who want to go to college but they can't because either they can't pass the SAT's or ACT's. Everyone should have a chance to go to College no matter what your grades are in High School.

  • Education funding isn't sufficiently available

    I know a lot of people who would like to go to school and further their education. The reason these folks don't further their education is because funding isn't readily available. I think the public needs to be better educated about federal student loans. It is a tragedy that so many people want to go to school but can't.

  • Putting People In Debt

    I guess in one way you could say that government programs are providing student loans sufficiently to people who need educational financing, but another way to say it is to pronounce that these government programs are putting a lot of people in debt for no good reason. These loans should be granted based on what is being studied and what is most important to the developing society at the time. People who want to study other topics should either be discouraged or pay for classes out of pocket.

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