Are government programs that provide food assistance being abused?

  • Oh yes they are

    Oh yes they are a few days ago I was in the grocery store and a man came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy his food stamps from him. I was shocked and appalled. I told him no he should give me them for free if he wasn't going to use them because I pay taxes for him to shop for free. I said how dare you do this. Why does a family of 6 need over 900.00 in food stamps. The mother ends up selling them to get drugs and liquor for herself.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I think that government programs proividing food assistance are being abused very often, and need to have more oversight so that those who truly need the food assistance are being needed. I think that people who don't need the food are using it just to get free food which costs America a lot of money.

  • People Rely on Food Assistance

    Many Americans depend on food programs as a need for survival. There is an increased number of low income/working poor families that are struggling. Being the wealthiest country in the world it is a civic responsibility to help those in need of something so simple but important as food. We must provide for people as companies are continuing to expoit their labor and hard work.

  • Not By The Majority

    Yes, there are some people who abuse the assistance programs offered by the government, but that is not true of the majority. My family receives about $160 a month in food stamps and I assure you every dollar of that plus some goes directly to our grocery bill. I wish we didn't have to apply for such programs but we would likely go hungry if we did not.

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