• Yes, they are

    It often requires solid qualifications to get a government job, but once employed, a government worker is quite well paid for their efforts. Looking at just base pay, they make good pay with job security and minimum stress. On top of that, they receive much better than average benefits, including health care, retirement, and vacations.

  • No, for the most part they are not

    Yes, there are some government workers that get higher pay for their jobs than other people would in the private sector. But I think that when you take all government workers together, you'll find that most get paid less than they would in the private sector for longer hours. The plus of a government job is usually job security.

  • No, they work hard for their job

    Government workers do receive good pay and benefits, but their job is tedious and requires long hours and dedication. They work irregular hours and the environment they work in is often chaotic and unstable. For the amount of effort that they have to put into their jobs, they deserve the pay that they get.

  • No, they are paid fairly.

    Government workers are actually paid fairly with decent benefits and a living wage. All jobs should be like that, as it would transform society. People have a bunker mentality these days and seem to believe that they are only worth the eight bucks an hour they get at Walmart. Those who think government salaries are too high are just envious.

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