• They are safe

    A parent has every right to know where their kid is. The kid doesn't have to be in high school they could be in 2nd grade or 3rd. The kid could get kidnapped and the parent should be able to know their location and be able to save their life. The parent could call the police and tell them the kids location and save their life.

  • Helicopter parenting is not healthy.

    I believe that GPS wristwatches create a sense of distrust between children and the parents that raise them. It is my experience that parents constantly being overprotective with their children can hurt their children more than helping them. The many generations of people before us grew up without any kind of GPS technology and I believe that this generation will be just fine without GPS wristwatches as well.

  • No, GPS watches are not dangerous

    GPS wristwatches could give our youths an extra measure of protection. For example, if a child is abducted, GPS watches could allow her to be tracked and rescued expeditiously. I doubt that a teenager would want a GPS watch, because Mom and Dad would know her whereabouts at all times, but that's a privacy issue, not a safety issue.

  • Not at all

    No, a GPS watch would be a really good thing for our nations youth, since it would keep them from getting lost and would let the parents know where their kids were at when they needed to. I think that these would be a really good thing for us to have.

  • GPS wristwatches are not dangerous for our youths.

    GPS wristwatches are not dangerous for our youths. GPS wrist watches can be used for safety purposed by parents. If a child is lost or missing, and they have a GPS watch their parents can figure out where they are. Parents can also do a better job of keeping an eye on their kids if the kids have GPS watches. Parents can check to make sure that their kids are where they say they will be.

  • They are safety.

    No, GPS wristwatches are not dangerous for our youths, because they are very important for keeping our nation's children safe. With a GPS wristwatch, a parent can locate a child. They can see if the child is where they say they will be. This is a helpful tool to find children in a crowd and keep them safe.

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