• This guy name aengus

    He is very rich but he doesn't get plastic surgery. He is also rilly rilly evil. I think zaboomafoo should zap his eyes with a laser. He is so darn eveil and has green eyes. Therefore green eyes = evil. Impenatreble logic and food and stuff. Can not refute. :)

  • Green eyed people are evil

    When you are watching a science fiction movie, when someone is controlled, their eye color changes- and guess what color they change to? Green. If their eyes are already green when they get controlled, it's usually a good person controlling an evil person's body. Also, a girl at my school bullies kids, and her and her 'gang' have green eyes. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Aengus is evil


  • How could they not?

    Everyone knows that green is a bad color. Grass is bad, trees are bad, kermit the frog is bad. If all of these things are bad then green is a bad color. Green is the root of all evil in the world. I know someone had green eyes and I think it was hitler. There is no doubt that all people with green eyes are considered armed and dangerous. Stay away. 2/10 Green is not a creative colr.

  • Yes remember that episode

    Remember that episode of fairly odd parents were cosmo destroyed Atlantis they new it was him because he has green eyes. Also haven’t you noticed that there are very few green eyed people in the world that is because they are so mysterious and evil if they were common then everyone would be dead by now. The brown eyed people are keeping the population down by feeding them chocolate or blueberries to turn their eyes blue or brown

  • Yes i have green eyes and i am feeling very evil

    I have green eyes so i can very much agree just kidding why y'all think that tho just because green is the color of death it doesn't really mean that much like bruh. Just cuz its the rarest eye color. And you guys be saying like in horror movies the monsters eye's are green or the devils eyes are green like BRUH are you kidding me its a movie. If you ever watch a horror movie you should be smart enough to know that its fake like omg. Lmao this is so stupid

  • Green is the color of the Grinch and therefore yes, I believe green eyed people are evil. 😗

    Green is also the color of snot when you're sick, And green is the color of acid. Also it can be the color of your poop if you are truly ill. Also, Green means go and sometimes go means attack, So that's evil too. I don't like green apples I prefer red apples

  • They totally are

    I know a guy with green eyes who is totally evil, His eyes are green and as a result of his green eyes he is evil. The green colour of his eyes has caused him to become evil due to his green eyes. His eyes are green and he is evil.

  • Green eyed people can be very prejudiced.

    Many green eyed people are extremely prejudiced against many things, such as beliefs, physical disabilities, and physical appearance.
    Take Harry Potter for example. He is described in both the books and the films as having bright green eyes. It is a major plot point in fact. J.K. Rowling shows him repeatedly attacking the character Voldemort for nothing more than his inability to smell due to his missing nose. Furthermore Voldemort is a bald weirdo, so I am sure that Harry attacks him for his physical appearance as well.
    Now I am sure that he might justify himself by saying that he only attacks Voldemort because Voldemort believes that he should rule the world. But should we really judge people based on their beliefs and ideas. As an ardent anti-Islamophobe, I think it is clear what kind of terrible people judge someone based on nothing more than the content of their character.
    In conclusion, green eyed people are always racist, ableist, and Islamophobic.

  • Holy Cow, What?!

    Just because a person is green eyed doesn't mean they are evil! If you say green eyed people are evil you're basically being just like those slave-owners in the confederacy that hated blacks for no good and sensible reason! Suddenly, green eyed people are the scum of the earth. I mean, why?

  • My bff has green eyes and she is the kindest person ever.

    I disagree with lots of people because red is an evil color... It has devil written all over it, blood, fire, brain damage... All of these things. Green is great and dont say kermit the frog is bad because he is a great muppit. Green is not bad... It is great... If we did not have green trees im this world we would all be dead...

  • Green eyes= bad

    Hello i like to eat cheese and fries are from french so people with gereen cannot be starusted and thus is the truth because i said so and if u think not then go look up a dictionary and go onto d and go onto dumbass and u will find ur name under it

  • No, why would it?

    The color of one's eye does not decide their personality or inherent leaning. This is as outrageous to suggest as it would be to suggest skin color affects this, which it doesn't. It is merely a physical feature and an outcome of genetics, and should be treated as such without superstitious applications.

  • Meh it depends on the person.

    If I say yes, then I would be making a generalisation. There probably are some evil green eyed people, but not all of course. It's like saying all rich people are brats and snobby. We shouldn't just make assumptions. Cause then it makes us ignorant people. It really depends on the person. There could be shitty green eyed people out there. There could be nice ones too.

  • Peppega Brain IQ

    Bruh, It's like one would say, Are people who like the color cyan are evil, Or are people who put mayonaise/ketchup on their pasta is evil lmao. This post is next level a degenerate f***ing hell man. Can't believe you are an alienated piece of space garbage man.

  • We are absolutely not evil!

    As a person with green eyes, I can say with confidence that I am not evil. In fact, I'm the person people can go to when they want to rant, Cry, Talk, Etc. , And be confident that nobody will ever know about what was talked about. People with green eyes are not evil. That statement is the same as saying people with brown (and every other existing eye colour) eyes are evil. Thank you.

  • You wouldn't judge a book by it's cover, Would you?

    Would you call a black haired person emo? Would you call a mixed skinned colored person a freak of nature? Would you call war a small problem compared to yours? No? Then what the frick are you doing called green-eyed people, Who you know nothing about their personal life, Evil? I'm offended that 41% of these people called me evil. Just because of movies, Novels, And more FICTIONAL stuff. They even stereotyped us based off of people in their lives who they don't know could be different than us in SO MANY WAYS! You are judging a person because of one of their physical features. That is freaking rude, Disrespectful, And offensive. Do you know everything about every green-eyed person out there? Of course not! So what on earth makes you think you can call us 'evil spirits'? Your stereotyping is just that, Stereotyping. We don't have to follow stereotypes, And this is exactly the kind of stereotyping I hate. When you assume somebody is exactly the same as another person just because of their looks. I'd call this verbal bullying if I wanted to take it to the next level. But I don't. Know why? Because some people just can't be stopped from their wild minds running just like that, Wild. I'm offended and this just made me see how much more humanity has damaged people than I had before.

  • Dis Stoopid bro

    I have green eyes, So naturally I find that offensive as I do not believe I am evil like seriously can you not think of a better superstitious thing that might actually be true? Huh! Like what about left handed people being twins hmmm or something with science to prove it

  • Um no. . . . Like duh.

    I have green eyes. Hate to tell you, But im not quite evil. Eye color is litterly just a genetic trait. Just because someone looks a certain way doesnt mean that they are evil. That's crazy talk. Thats all i have to write so ill be on my way now.

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