• They are getting better

    People are so impatient, These things take time and are not going to be solved over night. It will help though, when the VA untangles their back log problem. Of course, we could say it is the politicians problems for fighting 2 wars for over a decade. People can always help out our vets too.

  • They help mitigate.

    Yes, Gulf War Syndrome treatments are effective, because they help the people try to deal with their symptoms. Gulf War Syndrome can be treated with medication for nerves, as well as by practicing relaxation techniques and lifestyle management. Those people affected need a support network that includes the Veteran's Administration and families.

  • We do not treat our vets well enough

    Gulf War Syndrome treatments are treatments that our veterans deserve, and I am thankful for any cases where there is improvement in a former warrior's condition. On the most part though, I do not trust the government's treatment of veterans overall, so I fear that we have not yet heard nor will ever hear that treatments for this particular syndrome will ever prove effective enough.

  • No, they are not

    I think the only effective treatment would to have been warning the troops about this issue. They really don't know what it is, and its classified as an unknown illness. How can you treat something you don't know what caused it or what's actually dong it. The problem should have been avoided.

  • This cannot be easily cured.

    Gulf War Syndrome treatments are not effective. This is because the vets were exposed to an environment that had different chemicals in the air. Over time, it is said that this syndrome can subside and their lives can return to normal. Conventional treatment shoudl sometimes be put aside for alternative treatments as well.

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