• Guns are used 200,000 times a year in America to prevent rape. (FbI)

    It's the right if those 200,000 women to not be raped and have their lives ruined by the trauma of rape. No wonder England has 2034 violent crime victims per 100,000 people while the U.S has 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people. No wonder you are 125% more likely to get raped in England than you in America. Not allowing a women to defend her self from a rapist because if what Holmes or laugher did that she had no part in is cruel. Guns are used hundreds of thousands of times a year to prevent crime in America.
    Home office and fbi.Gov

  • Every American's Right

    Every law abiding citizen has the right to defend his or herself. In my opinion, all legislation proposed at the moment does nothing to get to the root of the problem. It's kinda like taking an Advil for a broken leg. It will take the edge off, but it won't cure the problem. The problem in America is the mental health and the "war on drugs". Once you start to fix those issues, you will see a massive drop in crime. I am actually ok with laws, as long as they actually stop CRIME, rather than make life more difficult for law abiding citizens.

  • Empower women, don't weaken them

    If you support women's rights you probably believe that women should be empowered. But no matter how much lip service you pay to equality there is one area that women will always be unequal and that is in average weight, strength, and muscle. So the average female will not be as big or as strong as her average male attacker. So why would you want to deny her the best tool to put her on equal footing against a larger, stronger attacker?

  • Guns can't tell the difference.

    Why wouldn't gun rights be women's rights? I have yet to see the NRA or anybody say that men have the right to own guns, but not women. If a woman is home alone, she just might feel safer with having a gun in case of a home invasion. Same goes with men. I think it's crazy to nit pick everything and try to start a war between the sexes.

  • Rights are Rights

    I can not separate one right from another because if one is under attack it is possible others will fall. To separate one for another sets a precedent that all rights are targetable if the situation is right. So while the two do not correlate directly how long till the next right is targeted.

  • YES

    No matter how much we want to go on about equal rights, the real truth is that women are absolutely mentally equal, but we will never really be physically equal in the area of brute force. It's just not feasible.

    Women need guns to be able to protect themselves from predators that will try to prey on them because they are women. We do not live in a society where it is always possible to travel in groups or have a guy right there to protect you.

    As for other methods of self-defense, there are lots of times where a taser or pepper spray is only going to get you so far. You have to be extremely accurate for pepper spray to really be effective, and a taser can malfunction or misfire. And the main idea behind these is to incapacitate them long enough for you to run away, which isn't always possible.

    It's also a matter of proactive self-defense. In a situation where you've got somebody coming at you, it's possible that just going for the gun in defense of yourself is enough to scare them off.

    The bottom line for me is that gun rights are women's rights because it gives me, as a woman, a tool that levels the playing field and allows me to fend off even the biggest of sickos.

  • An English Perspective

    I don't think there should be such a thing as "gun rights". I think guns should be a privilege, and only for those who need them (and I don't think many Americans need them). Now I'm sure there are deep-seated cultural reasons for your firearms, but a gun doesn't give her equal standing with her attacker. It means she is easily more powerful than him, unless he also has a gun

  • Gun rights and women's rights are not the same.

    Women should have the same access to gun ownership as men. Gun ownership is not same type of right as as the right to vote, access to education or medicine, or the right to equal pay for equal work. There are absolutely times when guns are needed for protection or security. However, any person with a gun has a deadly weapon. It may make you feel more secure, but unless you are trained in using it, especially in high pressure situations, you might harm or kill others around you. Without training, the gun could be more of a liability than a means of protection, and could be used against you. Owning a gun is a huge responsibility and one that should be taken very seriously regardless of gender.

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donald.keller says2013-03-19T04:23:24.963
This question is too vague. The only Con feels the question is referring to whether or not they are the same thing, and the three Pros feel the question asks if it's a right for Women to have Gun Rights...
Yehonathan says2014-07-24T02:45:57.813
This isn't worded very clearly, as all the completely different interpretations show.
Yehonathan says2014-07-24T02:46:36.960
And then I notice the previous comment. Sorry for that.