• If you can explain to me what a “gun show loophole’ is

    I might reconsider. But let’s face the facts. The people that spout out ridiculous emotional arguments aren’t the type to open their minds and go to one. Gun shows make terror? Another emotional outcry by someone with absolutely no sense of what they are talking about. What I hear is people using their first amendment rights to take away the 2nd. So are we still going by the same constitution or what? The gun owners in this great republic are the reason we remain free of tyranny. I challenge the people who say gun shows are not safe because of a “loophole” to go to a gun show and ask everyone there if you can get a gun without a background check, tell them you’d pay extra for no background check. Time how long it takes for the police to arrest you.

  • Yes they are.

    Everyone is making the argument that it allows access to a deadly weapon too easily. How hard is it to climb into an automobile? If I mean to kill multiple people, it would be very simple to climb behind the wheel and go through a crowd of people. What a firearm does is allow citizens to defend themselves in the eventuality they need to,

  • Who would start shooting in a place where almost everyone is armed?

    No one will get shot.

    There is no such thing as a "gun show loop hole". It is merely private sales of firearms which is legal everywhere in the United States. Why not ask if yard sales are safe? Guns can be bought and sold there!

    Gun owners are on the whole, safe and responsible. We abide by very strict safety rules as rigorously as the law and gun shows are not some magical place where these rules do not apply! You do not find people running around with loaded fully automatic rifles pointed at each other with their fingers on the trigger! Those who say they are not safe have evidently not been to one, nor had any type of firearms experience outside of that portrayed by Hollywood and the general media. I would like to open an invitation to you to go and visit one of these 'dangerous' gun shows! Or even a range! You may be pleasantly surprised :)

  • Yes they are

    I have never heard of someone getting shot at a gun show. Most people that go to gun shows are very familiar with gun safety and have a high level of experience. It's not really the type of place an amateur would hang for the same reason someone who is not a Trekkee would have no reason to go to a Star Trek convention.

  • There have never been...

    A single shooting spree committe or any deliberate crime committed during any gun show in US history. I will admit to one point that yes, there was accidental shootings in such given gun shows where some fool horse played around with a weapon, but there was never ever anything heard of in likes of 21 century shooting sprees.

  • Have you ever seen or heard of a mass shooting at a gun show?

    Gun show have the weapons on view with no ammunition. The weapons are watched carefully and if anyone where to take one they would be discovered pretty quickly. Not to mention if someone tried to shoot up the place don't you think the owners of all the guns would have one loaded weapon with them just incase that happens, I believe they would've though of that. So yes gun shows are safe places to show off firearms as you please. And I will believe that until someone proves me wrong

  • Absolutely, at all times.

    There are always multiple police officers at guns shows and none of the guns for sale are loaded. And no civilian buyer can bring ammo into the show. Only ffl dealers can have ammo. No one conceal carries and no one acts irrationally when handling guns at a gun show. At least not in Texas

  • Gun Shows Are Safe

    Yes, the "Gun Show Loophole" exists, see link (It is #3):


    However it only applies to certain states and if you're in a restricted state you can not travel to another state to simply go around the "Loophole". Truly it is not even a Loophole, it is allowing citizens who do not sell firearms for a living (A.K.A. Me and possibly you) to sell the gun without having to do a background check or jump through the hoops a normal Firearms Dealer has to.

    With that said i still believe Gun Shows are safe and will remain safe simply because who would want to try and rob/hurt/kill the people who literally have an armory in the same building as them.

    Posted by: Jewy
  • They make it too easy to acquire firearms.

    Gun Shows are not safe because they make it easy for everyone to acquire firearms. If gun shows were for viewing purposes only then they could be considered safe. However, many are allowed to purchase with little scrutiny. This encourages criminals who intend to get around the tougher laws which are made to keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people.

  • They Aren't Safe

    Any place that has guns firing off is not safe. I do not care who is shooting them. Accidents happen and anything can happen at any given time. I do not trust anyone but myself when it comes to guns. These shows are not safe environments and people should stay alert when at the,

  • No, no, no, they are not

    The easy, quick access one could have to very dangerous firearms and high powered rifles is obvious. One, a felon even, could buy one of these weapons and go unnoticed. No, the enviorment itself is not a danger, just some of the things that can result is. Like a club or bar isn't dangerous; it's only dangerous if you're an acohlic

  • Guns Shows Lead to Terror

    You are basically putting guns out there for anyone to grab. You don't know who's coming to the show and any person could potentially be mentally ill or be a felon. I think that gun shows would be safer if you kept the guns locked up in safe showcases then do proper background checks on anyone who wants to buy a gun. They should also have proper paperwork.

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