• Guns and Cars are loosely analogous

    Though there are obvious and glaring differences there are important similarities. Both objects through advances in industrialization, material science, and design have passed a technological threshold allowing for their mass production and widespread availability in society. Their availability, coupled with their ability to cause undue harm, when used inappropriately, necessitate strong and clear regulations that govern the interaction of people in possession those objects and the public, with regards to their use.
    This similarity is important because through looking at one objects allows a baseline for how such the other object could be handled under the law and one can highlight the logical disconnects between their administration. Even though there must exist different laws for both objects because of their differences, the Laws themselves must be held to consistent standards that honor the Privileges and Immunities granted to the people.

  • No, cars are meant for transportation.

    Cars are not at all analogous to guns. Cars have a beneficial, daily function in our lives that does not include killing. We may have a violent wreck in a car, but the car itself was not designed with the purpose or intent to kill. Few people point a car at someone with the intent to harm them. It may well be that a lot of lives are lost due to car accidents, but it is an entirely different problem than that posed by the lives lost due to guns.

  • No way are they even close.

    Guns are not analogous to cars in any shape or form. Guns, in the best case scenario, are needed for protection in the 1/1000000 chance that your life comes in danger or our country is invaded. Cars are needed to transport people so they can work, visit family members, go on vacation and sometimes just escape the stress of society.

  • No you have no right to a car.

    The second amendment exists to keep the federal government scared of the people and was important enough to put in the bill of rights. Cars are a privilege and not necessary to protect the rights of the people and as such can be controlled by the government any way that they see fit. Guns can not.

  • Not at all

    Anybody making the BAN CARS/HAMMERS/MAGNETS etc argument is a moron that is cheapening a discussion that needs to be had. Cars hurt a lot of people, but that isn't what they're designed to do. Guns are designed to incapacitate or kill threats. Whatever your stance on gun laws is, please acknowledge that difference because it's pretty darn significant.

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