• There is a reason America has the most gun related deaths in the world.

    "If guns made people safer America would be one of the safest places in the world. It's not. It is the opposite."

    Guns do not "build a community", they do the opposite, they cause the deaths of everyone in your community. By having a gun in your house there is a higher probability of being killed because your 3 year old son accidentally picked up the gun than you actually using the gun to protect your family.

  • Guns are bad

    With guns people are killing kids in school and scaring them so much. Innocent people all over the world are dying for no reason. Having no guns is the solution to not have as many deaths. The military and police are the only people that should own a gun, to make the world a safer place.

  • Guns are killing thousands of kids.

    Kids all over the world are feeling so unsafe to go to school because of all of the school shootings that have been happening. Like someone said on the no side guns don't humans, humans are killing humans. But the problem is the guns are helping humans kill people, and without guns not as many people would be dying in school and all around the world. I am not saying that we should eliminate all guns that would never be able to happen. But what I am saying is that we should eliminate all automatic guns. No human on this earth needs to own a gun that kill multiple kids in one minute.

  • Guns are bad

    Guns are bad for society because they are rarely ever used for self defense. Most people say they have a gun for self defense. Most people with guns just create more crime and violence. This is proven. America is not any safer just because people have guns. That is for the police, but police are also killing innocent people with guns. Who can we trust anymore? We need good gun control laws to protect the people of America. Though we have laws for gun control, they are not stopping anyone from commiting crime. Also people can steal a gun from a person who wanted the gun for self defense.

  • American mass shootings:

    If guns where banned in the US, the amount of mass shootings, school shootings and death overall, will drop.
    You don't NEED guns.
    Many people would say they would, for protection, but if nobody had a gun, other than people in the army, then you wouldn't need guns for protection. It is a better option than arming teachers and preparing them to KILL someone.

  • Because they can kill

    Even if they put all this fancy pants safety stuff on it can still kill. My great granddad died because of a gun going of and that still had safety stuff on it. If you want to defend yourself from something bad with no weapon you need to use your mouth, Speak up and prevent crime. Yes maybe there might be a few that want to go out and make a raucous but if we ban guns, Then it will be a lot hard to kill. Also the other day I went to hunting and fishing with my Dad and there were guns just lying out in the open and ammo pellets right next to, Any bozo could just go up to it and shoot everybody in the store. Debate slapped down. P. S Sorry if I'm not good at debating.

  • Guns create anarchy

    The one of the worst mistake this country has ever made was the second amendment. This created homegrown terrorist. American people use their guns as a way to solve all of its problems. Guns in the Us are rarely used for self defense. Owning a gun is a privilege not a right.

  • Loving guns damages society and is unhealthy.

    Guns are weapons, and can't represent a peaceful society. Guns are used to take lives. How can these be good for society? The US's love of guns causes people to avoid preventing their shootings by using gun control. (Won't go in depth about gun control) If a nation has a gun culture, the 'gun' part should be discarded. Guns aren't good.

  • No. Violence is more attributed to human nature and culture.

    All people have the capacity for violence. Whether they use a gun or bomb is not the issue, either way the country loses manpower. Banning guns or heavily regulating guns simply makes it impossible for civilians who don't want to through the necessary channels. And those civilians who would rather be a criminal than not have one and those that are already criminals will find a way to get them as already occurs.

    Posted by: Yosa
  • Why guns are bad

    Because they are. . . So ya that's what i think but still i don't care what other people think of my "statement because it' s my statement and yours is yours so i say guns are bad for society. Whos with me! Because i'm with me! So who else is with me!

  • Guns cause people to be sad

    Japan doesn't allow guns and that makes Japan one of the safest countries in the world. I believe that for the world to be safer, Guns should be collected by the government so that one day, World peace comes to everybody. I wish the world to become a better and safer place to live in.

  • Guns are good for the average citizen

    Tyranny always starts with confiscation of guns from their citizens, Look up the history of USSR, China, Romania (my country), Eastern Germany etc. Life is a dangerous affair and the honest citizen doesn't need a nanny state. Criminals will always disregard laws and they will always have firearms. The leftists somehow think the average human is not responsible enough to own a firearm, Only the people they pick.

  • Making guns illegal is the same as throwing sand to your eyes. It doesn't solve the problem and will blind you a little.

    Making guns a Illegal item won't stop criminals from buying guns, Even when the law abiding population has got a permissive gun law system, Criminals prefer (and most of the times only can) buy guns illegally from traffickers and clandestine ops. Drugs are the same. . . Drugs are illegal, But we can see their use rising anyway. . .

  • Our Second amendment rights

    We have a right to keep and bear arms. Guns have prevented many crimes and other incidents. Just take a look at the countries that don't have guns. Crime is terrible. Murders are up. You know how Hitler eventually killed 6 million Jews? First, He's started taking away their guns, Setting them up to get massacred by the thousands. People say "Guns kill people". No, The guns don't go walk to Wal-Mart and shoot it up. PEOPLE DO. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I've seen arguments against that statement, But who do you think the SWAT officers that run in to a shooting are? Certainly not bad guys with guns. Think about it, Folks.

  • Guns save more lives than they take

    The total gun related deaths are indeed 30k, However the vast majority are suicides. If you take them out, It’s more like 10k. Even still the majority of that is gang related which gets their guns ILLEGALLY, There are states that have the least restrictions on guns and are considered the safest states. An armed society is a polite society.

  • Guns Are Not Bad

    Go onto youtube and search for “steven crowder guns are good:change my mind” It’s a series he does were he has an open stage at college campuses and he debates with people, So that to learn from another one’s perspective on the matter, And share his own views to the crowd as well.

  • Guns kill more people because there are more guns here. In places that don't let the people have guns there are more knife related deaths.

    The point? There are weapons no matter where you go. Here in America its guns because we the people use them to defend ourselves and others. In Europe there are more knife related kills. If u have a problem with it go to another country. We have them here to defend against a corrupt government and communist rule. Also to be honest guns are more human than any other weapon if you use them correctly. After all your can't feel pain if your brain is not intact. Whair as a knife will be slow and painful. Not only that but guns have been made to be harder to get away with shooting people and getting away with it due to the bullets getting "fingerprinted" by the gun itself which will lead back to the buyer and then to the killer. I may not be the smartest person on the planet but atleast i'm smart enough to realize that taking guns from the people is a surefire way to have monarchies and rulers take us over. From the inside or the outside.

  • Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

    Most people don't understand this argument as, It is maybe hard to understand. It is saying that guns will not pick themselves up and shoot people. That is literally impossible.

    We can look to switzerland for some evidence on this as the amount of guns is 27. 6 guns per 100 residents meaning over 2. 333 million guns in Switzerland, And yet according to Business Insider, "The country's overall murder rate is essentially zero"

  • Guns are good

    Guns are tools for both defense and offence how it is used is determined by the user and if they decide to use it for wrong then a person who is also armed could stop the other person from committing these acts we are seeing today because if they wanted to shoot up a school they could and not be afraid because there are no other guns to be worried about so they are able to go out and do these things because they know that they can get away with it however having a teacher or someone who is trained could stop these acts as soon as the pop up

  • There not bad

    Protect your right What should we do about guns or more specifically gun control? Well recently Australians gun control efforts have gained attention as a possible model for The United States to follow. Well, In Australia in 1996 after a lunatic used a semi automatic rifle to murder 34 people in Tasmania, The Australian government banned all semi-automatic rifles as repeating shotguns. Owners of roughly 700, 000 registered firearms about a quarter of the countries 3 million total guns were required to turn them in for destruction. As my research shows this model will not work in the U. S simply because the U. S has roughly 325 million guns. This a magnitude more than any other country. Even if the Australian plan were tried and worked to perfection we’d still be left with over 200 million guns including hand guns which account to nearly 80% of gun crime. But gun confiscation has never worked to perfection and sometimes threatens to make things worse. The 2007 International small Arms survey studied 72 countries that attempted to enforce gun confiscation or registration on their citizens, They found massive deficiencies of these laws with only ⅓ of gun owners complying. If Americans defy gun bans at just the average rate that is acquired internationally then we should expect tens of millions of guns to flood into the black market. Chicago for example has some of the strictest gun control laws but yet, It is twice more likely to be shot dead in Chicago than in the Afghanistan war. Guns get banned, Criminals will be thrilled, Now they have the same illegal guns they already had and we the people are defenseless against them. According to the crime prevention research center “gun free zones” have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings. This high percentage is why such designated areas are often referred to as “unprotected and vulnerable”. While mass shootings are a complex issue with more than one action needed to prevent them, It seems unclear why gun control advocates would hold so tight to their ultimately dangerous “gun free zones”. Why is it so routine to protect our politicians, Celebrities, And federal currency with guns but not our children? Owning guns is not a privilege it is our god given right to defend ourselves.

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