• They Are Dangerous

    Of course guns are dangerous. We use them in war to kill people. Gun are also the cause of thousands of deaths every year. It is safe to say that guns cause more problems than good in our society. This is why I do not have a problem with those that want stricter gun laws.

  • Guns Don't Kill But They Help A Lot

    2056 people have died from guns, since the Sandyhook shootings. How much more do I really have to say? Another interesting fact: the number above is more than the amount of people in the Twin Towers when it came crashing down (not including firefighters, NYPD, Pentagon, etc.) Really, how much more do I need to say?

  • Guns give an illusion of safety

    People are very unstable when you look at them. People get angry and that is a fact. Why would we allow fire arms to be sold freely if the human species can get so unstable. I think that if you show images of guns as well as showing images of how a man should be (Army husband with a gun in his hand) then you will feel like it is cool to fire assault rifles

  • Guns hurt people

    Gun hurt and kill people. Why do we want that around or children . That is why so many kids are dead because of guns. The children are the people of tomorrow but if they are geting killed then how are they going to be the children of tomorrow ( adults of tomorrow).

  • Guns are dangerous

    When people say that the people are dangerous and not the guns, they do not take into consideration, that there would noot even be an option to shoot someone if guns weren't around. Guns would be ok if they were only used for protection, but there will always be some maniac who kills for fun. We need to be seriously cautious with having the right to be armed.

  • Guns were made to hurt people.

    The primary difference between guns and other dangerous instruments is that guns serve no other purpose than taking life. A small subset of guns are intended to take the lives of animals (and a yet smaller subset purely for "sport") but the vast majority are made for killing humans.

    As a result, they're very good at what they were made to do. When people make bad decisions, guns let them act on those decisions. If a person has the intent to harm someone else, guns elevate what could be a fist fight to homicide. They allow people to formulate courses of action that allow them to immensely harm someone with little risk to themselves. Without that risk (maybe getting beat up in return) people act on these violent tendencies much more often when guns are present.

  • There are no good guys or bad guys. Just people with guns.

    If people are inherently dangerous, why is it an acceptable practice to arm all of them? Why is it ok that we have so much education and safety regulation on the transportation industry with cars, suv's and motorcycles for your permit. But most state CCW's require less than a full days worth of one off classes? Guns are dangerous because they are weapons. Weapons in the hands of ill trained, irresponsible people that all too many people will agree are dangerous.

    If you can't trust someone, then why would you trust them with a gun? There's no sense in that because the inverse of you owning one, is the fact that they too get to own one. And if everyone has a gun, the line between good and bad blurs, and you wind up with a powder keg waiting to go off.

    There is a reason we have law enforcement who wear specific colored uniforms. So you know who the good guys are, and don't have to make potentially fatal judgements.

    Leave the law enforcement to the people who train for it and stick to your desk jobs.

  • Gun laws should be stricter

    Gun laws should be stricter because many people have died. Its just not fair that innocent people are dying very day due to poor gun laws the U.S needs STRICTER gun laws . I find it horrible to have thousand of people to die everyday due to poor gun laws

  • Guns arent safe

    Guns aren't safe Guns can kill harmless people in a war or just in general. I think that guns should not be exposed to kids until the age of at least 18. Shooting is a big problem in most places or cities all over the world.
    Hunting should only be allowed to children over the age of 16 at least. Guns are not safe!

  • Its not just the person

    If someone is dangerous, why are they aloud to access a gun in the first place. Guns are very dangerous because they are easily accessible and anybody can learn how to use one. Who is killing, the gun or the person, all a person is doing is pulling a trigger.

  • Peaple are dangerous not guns

    There's a higher chance that you might die from a car than a firearm .So are cars dangerous ? Peaple say why do you need a firearm with large capacity magazines ?Why do u need a car that has 600 hp .Your not going to go 170 on the streets that's against the law .So why do u need 600 hp .Its a free country peaple .

  • No, people are dangerous

    A gun sitting in a locked safe harms no one. However, when someone who has issues has access to a gun they become more hazardous. It takes a dangerous person to make a gun dangerous. They are perfectly safe, even harmless, when used by a responsible person. Gun laws should regulate who has access to them, not ban them, entirely.

  • It's the people that own them.

    A firearm itself cannot hurt anyone, a knife itself cannot hurt anyone. Sure, it may be easier to pull a trigger, but a murder can be done regardless with practically any tangible object. I agree having strict background checks may reduce the chances of a murder and if we must limit the magazines that is an option. All in all, it's the people that obtain the firearm, not the firearm.

  • Are guns dangerous

    Gun are dangerous, but it is what you do with the gun. People that just use guns for protection, that is I not dangerous. But the idiots like Adam Lanza make guns dangerous but like president Obama doesn't kill people so he can have a gun because he it not dangerous with a gun.

  • People are dangerous

    A gun has never ever killed anyone by itself, unless there's an idiot holding it. By your logic. If guns are dangerous. Then cars are dangerous, bricks are dangerous, wire is dangerous, hammers are dangerous. If you don't like guns then don't buy one. Don't like your rights being taken away? Don't take away someone elses.

  • Guns are safe, people are dangerous.

    Guns are weapons. A form of tool. Nothing more. I dont see a knife ban every time someone is stabbed. What about a tie ban when someone's choked by a neck tie? Guns are tools, people are dangerous. More to my concern is why are all these people in the government trying to take these tools of defense away? How are we trusting the least trust worthy individuals go decide this for us?

  • Guns aren't Dangerous

    Guns are not dangerous, it's the people behind the gun that are dangerous. I believe that if everyone who is in there right mind should own a gun. If the government banned guns then "what would people have to protect themselves"? A criminal will always be a criminal and there is no telling what a criminal would do if he/she knew that every household didn't have a gun to protect themselves. Criminals will always find a way to find a gun that's why they are criminals, but for them to know that everyone doesn't have a gun could lead to more crime then ever. The ball would be in there playing field not ours! I believe everyone should own a gun and take a proper training or basic class on guns.

  • Are guns dangerous?

    Its not guns that kill people, it is the dangerous people using the guns that kill people.
    And half of the people that say they are dangerous, haven't shot or even used a firearm in their whole lives. Guns are not dangerous. It is the dangerous people that are dangerous.

  • An object is only as dangerous as he who wields it.

    Firearms are inanimate and even when loaded cannot be discharged (read: utilized) without human input. A baseball bat or a crowbar is equally inanimate and cannot be utilized without human input. Firearms do, however, have a stigma which makes them appear frightening and overwhelmingly destructive. But, in contrast to that fallacy, a man wielding a crowbar in a crowded public venue swinging it at innocents is EQUALLY frightening and mistakenly perceived as overwhelming; crowds dispurse at the sight of the malicious use of a blunt object as they do to a firearm when, in either instance, an armed, trained and confident armed citizen can halt and neutralize such a threat with a firearm. In the days of sword versus sword, both objects are identical yet it could be swung by a murderer or a Knight alike.

    It's the PERSON that wields the object that decides his fate with it.

  • Guns are only dangerous if the user is.

    Guns can be used either way. To help or to kill. The fact is that people who choose to do bad things can do it with other things that aren't guns. Anything can be dangerous if the user intends for it to be. For example, a simple pencil can be used to do harm or a paper clip. Guns are only dangerous if they are intended to be.

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