• Come on now

    I am sixteen and my brother is twelve. There is no way that we would be able to fight off a criminal. However, we both know where all of the guns are in the house, where the loaded ones are, and how to use them. We know that we should shoot them, multiple times, and kill them. This is what we have been taught since I was eight.

  • Not Neccasary, but do you want to take that chance

    I agree, many unpracticed home defense gun owners may not be trained well enough or at all, and that causes safety concerns, however if 3 men have intent to harm my household, wife, and baby, i sure want them protected by more than karate kicks. Guns are dangerous tools, but not inherantly dangerous. Even children can be taught well how to respect them and good parents can responsibly keep their children safe from them. We need to stop making rules to account for the morons of society and all take more personal responsibility in our lives. Guns are far superior for self defense thn karate and we should have the right to purchase these protection tools.

  • Cops show up after the fact

    It's easy, when your house is invaded with a bunch of armed and violent criminals which would you prefer to have: 12 ga shotgun or a cellphone with a 911 dispatcher on the line? I'll take my shotgun thank you very much. And yes people, believe it or not this kind of thing does happen in America and i am more likely do be exposed to this threat then others.

  • We need guns

    We need guns to shoot intruders . Without guns we would be dead. Guns give us a feeling of protection. They make us seem protected and if worse comes to worse then we can use them as self defense. Sure knowing karate or self defense might help but do you really think that a kick is going to stop a mad man with a machine gun?? Yeah that's what i thought guns are essential. Without them were dead...

  • If you arent a ninja..Then yes you need guns

    Yes its a nice idea (in black and white) to think that perhaps we can live without guns but the reality is that if someone pulls out a gun and is ready to shoot you no karate kicks are going to save you from it, not only this but consider the people who face an attack by a man or woman who is significantly larger and stronger than they are, a knife or pepper spray or whatever other crap wont save you. Even if you know karate it will only get you so far from such a quick and dangerous weapon. If i have a gun pointed at me at least i would like a gun to defend myself and my family from an intruder. Its tragic what has happened to the parents and survivors of school shootings (or anything of the sort) but just as a gun can hurt you it can also save you from a situation like this. We must always keep in mind that if it can be regulated then there will be nothing wrong with having a weapon of that sort

  • Tragically, yes. :(

    They've already been invented over a millennium ago in China. Many empires tried to advance their weapons to defend themselves more effectively. However, I also believe that the whole planet should be one nation only. This will be very hard, but not impossible. We'll eventually be used to it and in the long run, we'll be very proud for having made that decision. I find it ridiculous how the nations focus too much on military and the wealth of the rich, especially for rulers. I do believe that those who've no college degree should be paid less than the rest as they work on the lowest jobs, but it shouldn't be way low to where they're exploited and suffering to pay the rent and all other things. It's terrible how the government underestimates the amount of money people need to make a living, how they underestimate poverty line and living wage. They say that the minimum wage is above the living wage. Is it really? Absolutely not! Taxes are misspent. Most of them are spent on military. Too much focus on military spending is what cause many world problems for obsessing over wealth. In fact, USA spends more money on military than the next 9 countries combined! If USA cuts military spending by 80%, it would still be spending more than other countries! And they have only been raising military spending. They don't contribute enough of it for medicare, medical-insurance, hospital appointments, emergency appointments, and education. It ticks me off how when school talks about business, they say that it's all about making the most money possible. This is why as people aim for that, they each time hurt the poor more to make their earnings a bit higher. Many people in the USA are suffering to make a living, even to go up into the world of the educated when they're in college because many of them struggle to pay tuition, many of them then can't continue over not having enough money. Many of them do loans. Then, they're in huge debt as a result. Many can't pay medical insurance because of doctors' greed on making tons of money. They get more expensive because the equipments and medicine that supposedly does good, new ones are invented, and they make us pay for it. The medicine won't even help, but harm further, so that then there's another appointment and then they make yet more money. By the way, when somebody gets a serious disease, they have to pay more for medical insurance. What! Are you kidding me! Doctors make a living pretty much out of murder and harm. When will they become honest and serve the people the right way? They say that the country's job is to protect the people. They don't. They only care about money.

  • Dat' gum' guns saves lives!

    Yes karate classes are a brillant idea, that way when the armed robber comes in your dojo you can punch the bullets out of mid air, thus deflecting the off a wall and killing the armed suspect. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. You must equal the playing field and the only way to that is to have the same firepower that he or she might have. That means if you feel an assault rifle is necessary for self defense then by all means buy one.

  • Guns are not necessary for self-defense.

    If you want to defend yourself, Take a karate class, or a self-defense class. I know a punch to the midsection won't stop a bullet, but most people with guns to defend themselves, only end up hurting the wrong person. Also, I have been reading more about little children getting a hold of these guns and shooting their parents or friends. How traumatic!

  • They are not absolutely necessary.

    Hand guns are one way of defending oneself in the event of an attack, but they are not the only option and are not absolutely necessary in every situation. There are other ways of defending oneself such as pepper spray and using techniques learned from self defense classes that can also be very useful.

  • It is unnecessary

    Base on everyone can own a gun. Can you tell who is going to shoot you? Do you know when and where he is going to take action? You cannot just hold on to your gun and stare at all the people around you 24/7. If you do so, Congratulation, you are a psycho. First of all, criminals do not yell out "i am a criminal and i am going to rob you and probably going to tab 2 shots on your chest before i leave" and then stand in front of you for 30 seconds before take action. Secondly, killing 4 people, average household size, only takes about 6-7 seconds if the criminal(s) have visual contact on every single person in the house. If the criminal(s) have decided to target you, you have to assume that they are ready. The guns are on their hands and loaded. They are outside of the window. They can just take out every person and then take the money. The bullet reach your body before you even hear the sound of the window breaking. I don't even have to mention you need to run from the sofa you're sitting on to get your guns. Every one can own a gun even make police officers helpless. By then the society will turn into chaos. Gun is not just unnecessary, they are problem maker.

  • No No No

    Guns are not needed for self defense in all the cases where the good guy with a gun came in to help it didn't save many people and just made matters worse . 200,000 guns were stolen 2017 alone . The more guns good people have the biger chance we will have bad people with guns

  • Guns should not be in homes

    I do not think it is fair to have a kid in the house that owns loaded guns. At least UNLOAD them. I mean would if the kid hated everything and wanted to kill themselfs they could get the loaded gun and do what a you dont want them to do.

  • Guns should not be in homes

    I do not think it is fair to have a kid in the house that owns loaded guns. At least UNLOAD them. I mean would if the kid hated everything and wanted to kill themselfs they could get the loaded gun and do what a you dont want them to do.

  • You only need a gun if your opponent has a gun.

    Most criminals aren't the type you see on TV with tattoos, attitudes, and overly masculine clothing who pull a gun if so much as a pigeon looks at them funny. Most criminals you'll meet want as little trouble as possible when they're nicking you television or trying to get your wallet. If you challenge your standard burglar to a fight he'll run away at the first opportunity. While knives, pepper spray, tasers, and other weapons are very good for self defense, you only need a gun if your opponent is brandishing a gun. And your opponent will only be brandishing a gun if he thinks you are brandishing a gun, because he cares about self defense to.

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