• Guns a Problem in Minority Communities?

    One shouldn't narrow the problem of guns to minority communities. Guns are a problem in all communities. That is not to say that we should be against ownership of guns in any community. There should be laws concerning the ownership no matter what community. The laws should be limited though to a select few.

  • Guns Are A Problem Everywhere

    Guns are not just a problem in minority communities. Guns are a problem in all communities and the problem need to be addressed. Yes, there are a lot of deaths due to guns in minority communities, but deaths due to guns happen in a lot of areas. We really need to step up the gun control.

  • No, they are a problem everywhere

    The idea that guns are only a problem in the minority community is just wrong. Yes, they are a problem in minority communities, just as they are majority communities. Is it only minorities who get shot? I don't think so. People get shot, on a regular basis, so guns are a problem for all communities.

  • Its not a gun issue

    There are many people who own guns. Just because you don't hear about them does not mean they are not there. We always hear about those who commit crimes with guns because the criminals are armed...seems simple right. But for every criminal there is at least one person who does not commit crimes that we don't know about. That is because its not the gun committing the crime, but rather the criminal committing it.

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