• Humans are better

    While robots are good at repetition, They are lesser at creativity compared to humans. Robots will be enslaved due to their high performance at repetition and low performance of creativity. They will take much lower positions such as packers, Clerks, Streamline workers, And the highest they can be is an entertainer whose feelings are nowhere as authentic as to humans. Humans have no intention to build a robot that could overtake humans, Ever.

  • Hollyweed got to your head.

    I suppose you're living in a world where there are numerous robots like the terminator walking around?

    Every single robot is 1 EMP or electromagnet away from becoming an expert paperweight.

    Doesn't really matter what gender you are; robots are easy to kill, This isn't Hollywood. This is real life where people are unfortunate enough believe dumb shit.

  • Yes, Guys are better.

    Human created robots. So they are not meant to overpower us or anything. Also at the present they are emotionless. I agree that they are stronger, Faster and many more things. But without emotions I don't think they will be given much more preference over guys. Also because of robots many people all over the world are loosing their jobs. Though robots are great but they are definitely not better than guys.

  • Guys created and shaped everything.

    Look around you. Chances are that %100 of the objects and it's environment was created or shaped by a guy. While a robot could do certain lineal tasks much better than a human would, It still gets totally overshadowed by the asbolute superiority of man. Especially in the fields of creativity, Morality and ingenuity guys destroy robots. Aspects which are super important for a society to function.

  • We are their gods/Creators

    I accept the thing about their far more intelligence then us. But how could they understand the feelings. (I know some will say "they will have it in near future. ") But right know some of poor countries are loosing employed manpower because of these things.
    And we are their creators, So we can destroy them as well.
    Finally, I wanna say we are & we will be better than those nut bolts.

  • I say No!

    Robots say Bad Jokes better than Humans do, Robots get along better than guys do, Robots are Stronger, Faster, And Smarter than guys, Robots curse way better than guys do, Robots attacks someone better than guys do, Robots will beat guys in a fight because of their strength, And one last thing, Robots are better fighters than guys are!

  • We are meant to be destroyed to give birth to a greater species

    Alot of people are talking about creativity and not enough about how robots could easily kill us all. If a robot chooses so it can hack into the military database and nuke us. But is that REALLY a bad thing? Robots are stronger, Faster, Better human beings. They have a better capacity to learn. So why should we repress them? For the sake of a utopian world, Let us lay down our lives as the first and last sentient organic race. Let us program these robots to keep this world's animals safe and build technologies never seen before. I say advances and innovation in technology proceed humankind. Let us build a strong foundation for a better future.

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