• H-1B Visas are tricky

    H-1B visas are too hard to come by for most people. The government should focus more on letting the good, qualified people in this country and keep out the people that will be a drag on the society. Hard working and well educated people can benefit this country and not the uneducated.

  • Visas are difficult for a reason.

    Those who think that the H-1B working visa is too difficult to obtain are likely the people that the system is designed to defend against. Employers that want more immigrant labor want the process to be easier. This is usually because immigrant labor is cheaper, and no need for health insurance. Immigrants want the process to be easier so they can gain access to this country faster. Those that genuinely want to work would have a point about wanting the process faster, but there are other immigrants who want the same process faster for different reasons.

  • No, I do not think H-1B visas are hard to acquire.

    If a company or business wants to hire workers from other countries, then we as a country should make sure that every step is taken to make sure that these individuals are totally checked. I think that being able to work in the US is a privilege, not a right.

  • Not at all

    I think that these need to be really hard to get, because you do not wanting people coming into your country to work or study unless you are sure that they are a very good person, and will not come and cause any trouble in your country and bother you.

  • There are plenty.

    No, H-1B visas are not too hard to acquire, because there are plenty available according to farmer need. H-1B visas were never intended to be a catch all for people to come into the country for other purposes. It is fair that people have to show some specific purpose in order to obtain the visas.

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