Are "hack attacks" on banks becoming so common that people will revert to old-fashioned ways and cease banking online?

  • Yes, they are.

    Banks have numerous problems, and these hack attacks are only one small part of them. People are already starting to move their accounts out of banks, which causing some of the banks to become nervous. Many people are switching to credit unions or putting their money in more secure space.

  • I don't think people will stop banking online.

    I don't believe a significant number of people will stop banking online due to the increase in "hack attacks". The conveniences of online banking far outweigh the fears people may have of being hacked. If we stop banking online then what will be next? Better methods of preventing hacking will need to be developed.

  • No, online banking is here to stay.

    No, I do not believe that people will revert to old-fashioned ways and cease banking online in light of recent "hack attacks". Technology has become to advanced and too far embedded into our daily lives that we can't just revert back to old fashioned banking techniques. We need to move forward to find new ways to protect ourselves.

  • Technology is too convenient.

    Despite "hack attacks" and risks associated with online banking, people will still continue to use this service. With the convenience and easy of use these online services provide, people will continue to implement these technologies and services despite the risks. Our society becoming more and more reliant on technology and connectivity; more secure systems will simply need to surface.

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