Are hacktivist groups like Anonymous doing any good by waging attacks on countries like Turkey (who they suspect of supporting ISIS)?

  • Yes, hacktivist groups like Anonymous are doing good by waging attacks on countries like Turkey.

    Hacktivist groups like Anonymous are doing good by waging attacks on countries like Turkey, because they believe they are supporting ISIS. In no way, shape, or form is ISIS good, and a little bit of vigilantism never hurt anyone. Anonymous can only help the war on terror by weakening ISIS and its allies.

  • Anonymous are criminals and somebody should expose them

    We know nothing about this organization. What they stand for is unclear, as are their motives. People have the right to be anonymous if they want, they do not have the right to expose people's beliefs that the individual wants kept private. Their anonymous troll ISIS day was utterly pointless and achieved absolutely nothing. They are cutting off hostages heads and anonymous solution is to post nasty comments on twitter and facebook? Its almsot a like for like response (note the sarcasm).

  • Who is Anonymous to Decide This

    Do, they have an inside track or are they conducting a witch hunt of their own making. I know that ISIS is a huge threat but it's wrong of us all to stand around accusing one another of being in line with them. It's almost like saying that all Muslims are terrorist for me this is also wrong. So, for me Anonymous isn't doing any good they are just fueling the fire of hate.

  • What good comes out of it?

    Hacktivists say they are doing good. What good are they doing? Are they giving money and food to the poor? Are they giving housing to the homeless? It appears the only thing they are doing is embarrassing officials. How does that accomplish anything? Anonymous needs to get their act together and decide what is more important, poking at the paper tigers or the downtrodden masses they claim to fight for.

  • No, but perhaps the military should be attacking ISIS online.

    I think they might be on to something in terms of attacking ISIS online. However, they are not a nation nor are they representing a nation, and waging war against nations, especially if your own nation has not declared war and when doing so requires you to break your nation's laws, the result is working against your own nation and could therefore arguably be called treason.

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