Are Hagel, Kerry and Biden a good foreign policy team?

  • Yes, they seem to know what they are doing

    These three have lots of foreign policy experience between the three of them, and they have the strength of having very different ideas and experiences that they can share among each other. I see no reason why this would be a bad team. It seems like it would work well for the U.S.

  • Yes, they're experienced.

    While I still think they will pursue a hawkish approach, that would happen under any US administration, be it the Democrats or the Republicans or a mixed crew. These are seasoned people with established relationships around the world, and to the extent I can get behind imperial US policy, they are a more than adequate team to do this job.

  • Yes

    This was one of the best choices that could have been made regarding who would make up the foreign policy. All three of these people have very credible back-rounds in foreign policy's and are very educated. They know how to get us out of difficult situations which is very important when it comes to foreign policy and exactly what we need.

  • Yes, this is a great team for our country.

    These are some experience politicians who know how to get things done. They have all served in the Senate and learned how to work with others. Hagel and Kerry served in the war in Vietnam so they know the problems of getting the country into bad conflicts. The President has made some great choices in selecting these men.

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