• Yes, half-time shows are becoming more popular than the actual football game.

    This is especially true with the Superbowl. Often before the big game you hear people say that they are only watching it to see the commercials or to see the half-time show. There are a lot of people, most women, in particular, don't enjoy watching the actual football game, but they do enjoy the other things involved with it, such as the half-time show.

  • Half-Time Shows More Prominent Than Superbowl

    In recent years, much of the focus regarding the Superbowl, one of America's largest sporting events, has surrounded entertainment other than the game itself. I believe a large group of people tune in with the primary intention of watching the Half-Time show. Additionally, preceding and following the event, social media is typically abuzz with controversy, speculation, and/or praise of the performance of these entertainers more so than the athletes.

  • Half-Time Show More Popular than the Game

    The half-time show at the Super Bowl are becoming more popular than the actual game. It receives a lot of air time. Many times after the game, there is more buzz over the show than key moments in the game. This year included a controversial piece that has become part of the mainstream conversation.

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  • For some portion of the people who watch, but not most.

    There have always been people who don't care about sports, but watch to be sociable. Millions of people watch the Super Bowl just because they were invited to a party or because everyone else is watching. Many of these people are probably more interested in the halftime show than the game. However, most people who watch sporting events care more about the game itself. People who don't care about the game generally just don't watch.

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