Are Halloween costumes for kids becoming too sexy?

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  • Childrens Halloween costumes these days are becoming too revealing!

    I think kids are becoming too sexy too fast... And this is coming from a kid!! I'm 13 years old and I'm saying this! Now, have I worn some revealing costumes in the past?? Yes. Do I regret it? No. Almost all children want to grow up faster. They mostly try to achieve this by using different/inappropriate language and wearing tighter and shorter fitting clothes. Most adults don't like the idea of their children doing this, so on Halloween, children from let's say the age 10 and up specifically pick out costumes that show more skin and make the common excuse to their parents, "It's just a Halloween costume." Like I said, I've done this before, and I don't doubt I'll do it again this year and so on, but I can tell you that I almost guarantee you that I won't want my children one day to be wearing sexy Halloween costumes or revealing clothing. Why am I doing the exact thing I'm fighting against you may ask?? It's because I'm still a kid and am going through that common faze where our hormones are messed up and we have mood swings and different thoughts blah, blah, blah. I know what's the right thing to do, but my mind tells me otherwise. AKA puberty. We've all gone through it before.
    So is it a bad idea that kids are wearing sexy Halloween costumes?? Probably. Are they still going to do it regardless?? Probably. Is America going to change something about it?? Not a chance.

  • Not Just For Kids

    All Halloween costumes are becoming too sexy, not just the ones for kids.

    In fact, it seems like Halloween is used as an excuse by some people (mostly women) to dress in a provocative manner and just say "well, it's my costume".

    If you wouldn't expose that much of your body in normal clothes, why are you wearing a costume that does?

  • Maid Costumes for Kids Too Much

    When a French maid costume is standard fare for girls to wear on Halloween, yes, that is too much. What's next? Lingerie with a cat suit? Everything is geared towards younger and younger children--merchandising that was once for young women is marketed towards middle schoolers ages 11 through 13. Those middle school girls have younger sisters who want to emulate them, and suddenly 6 through 10 year olds want to look "sexy" too, well before they are ready. It's time for parents to take more active roles in their children's lives and raise them to be good citizens, not good shoppers.

  • Yes they are

    Kids costumes are becoming to sexy, and this teaches kids that in order to go you have to be thin, which is not true. If you go to any place that sells costumes you will find that more of them expose parts of the breast. So, yes costumes are becoming to sexy.

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