• Hamburgers are in fact Delicious

    They may not be the best for ya, but they are very delicious, I cook them to a medium, toast the bun to a golden brown, spread mayo mixed with a little bit of sriracha sauce on the top bun and cover it with chopped bacon. Add cheddar to the paddy while its still on the grill, to get a nice melt, then put it all together with tomato, fresh red onion, and leaf lettuce.

    Posted by: smf
  • Hamburgers are Delicious

    Hamburgers do not make you obese. You make yourself obese by eating too many of them, not exercising, and only eating unhealthy food. If you eat hamburgers everyday, of course you would gain some weight! That's why you need a balanced meal. And obese is not ugly. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are.

    And I love hamburgers. Especially when they are grilled just right and topped with tomato, lettuce, and pickles!

  • Hamburgers aren't good-tasting

    In just don't like the taste of that type of beef. It tastes dry, yucky, and weird. I don't mind grease or something on it, but that just makes it worse.(I JUST CAUSED A PARADOX!!!) Salt is as sour as heck on it, and dry beef meat is just not my type of food.

  • No, They Are Not.

    They do not taste delicious at all and are very, very unhealthy for you. They make you obese and obese is ugly. I don't know how Amercia came to love the burger and be a symbol of it and its awfulness. Yes, it is simply an awful food that we can do without.

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