Are Harry Potter books better than Percy Jackson?

  • I prefer Harry Potter because

    I simply like how rich the storyline of Harry Potter is. Although Percy Jackson may be newer, I prefer how the Harry Potter books have captured the eyes of many generations, And will hopefully continue to in the future. My personal favorite book is the Prisoner of Azkaban. It is also just as intense as Percy Jackson, With the deaths of multiple major characters. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, But my heart sank after the Order of the Phoenix

  • Percy Jackson Is Better

    In Percy Jackson, They have actual information, And while reading the books I leant lots about Greek Mythology. I do like Harry Potter, But Percy Jackson is better.

    Also, Is it just me or are these books really alike? A prophecy containing the main character, Two supporting characters, One male, One female, And many more.

  • Percy Jackson is better because. .

    They are more intense and have more fun. Harry Potter's had its day. I do like HP, But PJO makes things a lot better. Sure, Somebody might say that PJO is a kids' book series, But how are deaths, Emotional and physical pain, Violence and more a kids' book series? I guess it might be for some really mature kids, But PJO is the one to go.

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