• The notion of hate crime is not American.

    Punish people for their actions, Not their thoughts. A person should be punished for the severity of their actions, Not for their motivation. All people deserve equal protection under the law. Their should not be a hierarchy of groups who receive special protections over "less" deserving groups. Hate crimes are just a form of thought policing. Very tyrannical!

  • Hate crime enhancements are unjust

    It is the crime aspect of a hate-crime which needs to be prosecuted not the hate part. In order to prosecute the hate part. The hate part - objectionable though it may be - shouldn't be prosecuted because hate is a thought or an idea. If a hate-crime can be prosecuted then its a small step to prosecuting and penalizing hatred which is unattended by a crime.

  • Hate crime enhancements are unjust

    Hate crime enhancements are unjust. Regardless of the hate crime committed, the act of criminal activity behind the hate crime is still the same. The individual who committed the crime clearly had racial, prejudice, and other intentions and their actions demonstrated that. For instance, a person beating up black people or someone breaking into a Jewish house is considered still a hate crime, despite other enhancements that might occur.

  • Yes, hate crime enhancements are unjust.

    Yes, I think that enhancements to the hate crime laws are unjust. I do not agree with the concept of hate crime laws in the first place. I think a crime should be illegal regardless of the reason a person did it or not. I think that any enhancements to hate crime laws to make the penalties more severs are unjust.

  • Yes They Are

    Hate crimes shouldn't be supported, but at the same time the criminal shouldn't be given a longer sentence because his/her crime falls into the category of a hate crime. Crimes should be punished the same regardless of the reasoning behind the crime. I believe hate crime "enhancements" are unjust, especially within the US.

  • No, hate crime enhancements are justified.

    There is a difference between attacking a gay person, Jewish person, or a black person, because you hate them, versus scarring their body with a racial or homophobic epitaph. The first is a hate crime, the second case does qualify to be a hate crime with enhancements. To my mind it is two separate crimes and can't be reduced to a simple hate crime with no added punishment for deforming the person also.

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