• Yes they are.

    I do think HD DVDs are better than Blu-Rays. I think that the picture is sharper because they are a newer form of technology. Newer technology is almost always better than older technology. Just like regular DVDs are better than VHS video tapes. It is just the way it is.

  • Both are good

    I don't think HD DVDs are better than blue-ray. I actually don't think any of the two are superior. Both are good technology that gives a very high quality viewing experience. When I'm watching a movie, I can't even tell which one it is, a DVD or a blue-ray disk.

  • Blu-Ray Has Two Things

    I believe the invention of HD DVD's was somewhat uneccessary and I think that is why they essentially failed, but they did provide a better picture than the normal DVD. I think Blu-Ray is better and that is evident since they pushed HD DVD's out of the market. Blu-Ray's offer both an enhanced picture as well as enhanced sound.

  • An obsolete format

    The quality of HD-DVDs is slightly lower than Blu-Ray, and to many probably imperceptible. However, Blu-Rays are the technically superior format with a longer shelf life and higher storage capacity, making them the clear winners in the war. At this point, HD-DVDs have been phased out and the consumers have decided Blu-Ray to be the new digital media of choice.

  • No they are not

    If you put a blue ray and HD DVD next to each other on the same television you will see a clear difference. Yes both are very good and you can't go wrong with them but one is clearly better then the other. With the Blue Ray it is almost as if you are watching something fake because it is that real

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