• Yes, HD DVDs are better than regular DVDs.

    Yes, HD DVDs are better than regular DVDs. The picture quality of HD DVDs is much better than regular DVDs. HD DVDs care also bigger as far as the amount of content it can hold, so you get more trailers and behind the scenes looks. They work better with HDTVs also.

  • Quality wise, yes.

    If you're looking for the better video, quality wise, obviously HD DVD's are better compared to the traditional DVD disk. At the same time, if you're just looking for the movie itself, you really can't go wrong with a DVD. It's going to be a lot cheaper for you, and you still get the film.

  • HD is always better

    HD DVDs are better than the regular ones simply because it is a higher quality. The high definition makes the picture look better and enhances the whole experience. I think that all the movies I will buy will be of the HD variety. Everything is just better with them, look and sound.

  • Much higher quality

    I do not enjoy having to pay a few extra dollars for an HD DVD but I do appreciate the much higher quality movie I get when I do. HD DVDs provide a more clear, crisp picture while regular DVDs offer the standard look. The HD stands for higher definition so it's no surprise that it offers a much better viewing experience than the regular DVD.

  • HD DVD is a dead technology.

    Nope. HD DVDs are not better than regular DVDs, for the very plain and simple fact that HD DVD is a dead standard that no one is making players or disks for any more. The standard for high definition DVD playing became BluRay, which is superior in every way to regular DVDs.

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