Are hebephilia and ephebophilia just two different forms of pedophilia?

  • Yes sir, It very much is

    Ephebophilia is where you don't rape children, It's just a mild interest in teenagers and there is nothing wrong with it, I don't understand why many people think that it is immoral to be an ephebophile. This is quite sad and I hope people can change their minds about our society.

  • Children who haven't reached puberty are different from teenagers. Teens have their bodies developed. Men are attracted to that.

    Even being underage (13 to 17), It's a fact that teenagers are different from young children that haven't experienced puberty yet. Many teenagers have a developed body, With developed sexual organs just like a matured adult. On the other hand, Young children (-13) don't have their bodies developed yet. The mind also works differently, While teenagers are capable of already doing most of their choices in the eyes of the law, Such as driving (16) and in some countries drinking, Why wouldn't they be able to choose to have sex with someone overage? That's why the age of consent is here. In America that age varies from 16 to 18, Making a teenager this age legally able to choose with who they want to engage in sexual acts. Legal age teenagers (18 and 19) are considered adults in the eyes of the law, That makes them allowed to decide to have sex with whoever they want. Now, Speaking about psychology, Men are attracted to prettier females. Beauty is a subjective concept but males tend to find traits that are related to youth and inncocence attractive, Big eyes and a soft skin without marks are two examples of them. Those are mostly found on teenagers and young women on their early to mid 20s. Thousands of years ago, When reproduction was the only reason to be alive, Men needed fertile women to reproduce and women needed men that were able to protect their children, He needed to be intelligent and strong in order to keep the family alive. Women are more fertile on their teenager years to early twenties, That's when their sex drive is bigger due to hormones and decrease when females approache their 40s. Now, We are in different times, Society has changed and developed, Reproduction isn't the only reason to be alive and we are able to control our primal instincts, Althought our society is still subcounsciously rooted in biology. A young innocent and naive woman with an older sucessfull man is a pretty explored thematic on romance, Principally directed to females. A famous example would be 50 Shades of Grey. With that being said, Teenagers are different from children, So is hebephilia and hephebophilia and different from pedophilia.

  • Hebephilia partially so, Ephebophilia not really.

    Ephebophilia is still usually defined as well below most countries' age of consent rights, So I'd say it can be dangerous and improper. Hebephilia though usually relates to individuals aged 15-19 or so, Which in many countries is mostly or even entirely above age of consent thresholds. Predatory behavior towards a 18-year-old can be no less damaging than towards a 15-year-old, As people at that age can still be fairly naive and innocent.

  • Not at all

    Pedophilia is completely wrong. But hebephilia and ephebophilia are not. I am not endorsing statutory rape or anything but at this age kids are starting puberty and are growing and getting their own hormones. I would say a lot of hebephilia and ephebophilia start when a person is at those ages and it is completely fine for them to feel that way. Then the person grows up while still being interested in the same age.

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