Are hermaphrodites the next stage in human evolution?

  • True Equality for Humanity

    Expanding on the gender equality statement above, it could go even deeper. By having one gender, all sexism and stereotypes would be able to disappear. This also can expand to equality in relationships, as long as humans possess both set of functioning reproductive parts. They would be able to perform the same acts in sex. They would be able to impregnate each other, both being able to give birth to a child while also being able to both be the respective parents. There is really no other way to have true equality in relationships, in the work place, or in society as a whole.

  • Artificial uterus can change the society

    The technology is in infancy but it will develop to be fully functional in short future. It might be better than human uterus. The technology is clean and safe. This seems to be believed by many scientists. Once the doctors perfect this technology still in development, the females will be freed from the burden. Effectively, they don't have to exist. So everyone is functionally male or at least asexual since genetic combination will be done in labs. Maybe asexuality is where we are heading.

  • Technically, artificial life (cyborg/robot) and genetic manipulation (changing our physical structure through viruses, nanomachines, etc) are the next step in evolution...

    ...But since by that point we will all be able to change ourselves into multiple forms of whatever we really want to be, then I guess we would be hermaphrodites in the sense that we can be whatever sex we want. Gender identity will probably be destroyed in time as we change our forms and is a very worrying yet interesting thought. We can't really tell right now how it will all play out. Let's just hope we don't lose our minds in the process!

  • No more predjudice towards another gender

    If we are all one gender, than it would stand to reason that: gender based roles and stereotypes would ultimately dwindle. No more "woman, get me a sandwich." no more "dry up and be a man."
    no more swallowed sorrow due to un-manlyness, nor any gender inferiority complexes, this has got to be the greatest cure for sexism, I greatly approve this idea, and think that scientists should at the very least look into such a possibility.

  • Society will demand it

    This next logical step will be perfected through science in the next few hundred years as a necessity. The ever increasing acceptance of people who would like to align with same sex partners is a confusion to the reproductive process as a whole, and can only be solved by making partners asexual, which will open a whole new can of problems, but science will progress far enough very soon to meet this upcoming demand of the human genome.

  • Hermaphrodites spread their genes faster and don't have deteriorating DNA

    Presuming that we don't intervene in some way and start evolving ourselves, in which case there is no one future of human evolution. Hermaphrodites are genetically superior for the purposes of reproduction and spreading their genetic code as they can commit both actions in sexual reproduction; hence double the rate at which their genes spread. Also, research shows that the Y chromosome is slowly decomposing because it can't communicate with its pair the X chromosome. While the genes responsible for males may be passed onto another chromosome the problem of genetic deterioration will still be present the solution for this inability to communicate is to make both pairs the same and if both pairs are the same then the father can only ever pass on one chromosome so all the offspring will only ever be one gender.

  • It ultimately depends on what you think of as "next stage"

    Next stage could be seen as anything. If you were to mean the first consequential step forward, then probably not. But I see it as meaning the next stage as a possible a turning point. Humans definitely have the possibility of becoming single sexed organisms, the only problem is that most inter-sex people have been infertile. But with growing technology and possibilities inter-sexuality could definitely be at least one of our turning points

  • Its very possible.

    Well this is a yes or no for me. Here is why I say Yes its possible. Over the course of time more and more people claim they are bisexual. Most saying they were born such a way. If more and more numbers of people maintain that sexual orientation this its possible our bodies could evolve to be just generally hermaphrodites.

  • There only two workable sex male and female and the originated out of one sex MAN. Afterward they could not be naturally combined and work.

    Nature normally works to clean up mistakes weather they are by man or mistake of nature and there is no proof of change among humans for many thousands of years. Chromosomes cannot be joined except by the micro cellur activity of male and female sex acts accept by special means that are not natural.

  • Not a scientific argument.

    There is no scientific evidence to support that hermaphrodites are the next stage in human evolution. Although hermaphroditism is a trait found in many forms of invertebrates, it's not one found in mammals except in cases of genetic abnormality or fertility issues. There's no biological progress or evolution that's going on here.

  • Hermaphrodites pre-date us

    Hermaphrodite species pre-date specialized sexes. Why that is and how it came to be is still debated, but it's very unlikely that hermaphrodites are the next stage for any mammals. A person with a disorder of sex development shouldn't be thought of as a hermaphrodite. They may be considered intersex.

  • Loaded question, but no

    The level of acceptance for hermaphrodites is far too low for them to be the next leap forward. A group of people that the majority fear or even more incredulously despise are not the route to evolution. Mutations that aren't supposed to happen are how a lot of creatures have progressed, but this isn't one of them. They are nothing more than a group of people that will for the foreseeable future be looked down upon for reasons they are not responsible for.

  • No, we don't see any evidence for that.

    Every now and then, someone is born as a hermaphrodite, and their rights and dignity need to be respected. But it is unlikely that this is an evolutionary adaptation that will catch on because it does not necessarily provide any kind of benefit for survival. My understanding is that, just because someone has both male and female parts does not mean that they can reproduce easily with another person.

  • Genetic Mutation, not Evolutionary step

    Throughout many animal populations there are genetic mutations, and this is another one. This is not an evolutionary step, but just a genetic mutation like blue eyes were originally, and it is a part of the population like blue eyes. It may increase in number - like blue eyes did, but it will not become the next stage in human evolution. First of all, the chances of a hermaphrodite breeding successfully is less than that of a human with the regular sexual organs. Many are born sterile, or with significant trouble with fertility. Also, because the societal norm tends towards non-hermaphrodite genitals, many hermaphrodites are viewed with fear and loathing, which makes their breeding harder.

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