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  • No they are not.

    Hezbollah suicide bombers are not helping their cause, in fact suicide bombers never help anyones cause. People do not see suicide bombers and think they are doing a good thing or are just, they feel bad for the people who just gave up their life for no reason. We should find other ways to get noticed and be heard, not off people we know and love.

  • No they are not

    Violence is never a way to help out your cause, all it does is make the rest of the world look down at you like you are immature and can not use debating to help out your cause. These bombers are just making things worse and probably will never be successful.

  • Death Never Helps a Cause

    Death of one's own people never helps a cause. Suicide bombings are the most pointless ways to make political statements as it just adds to tension and violence. Hezbollah will eventually run out of people willing to strap explosives to themselves. Young people will eventually see the folly of the terrorist group's ways and stop the cycle of violence.

  • Just Another Extremist

    No, I do not believe Hezbollah suicide bombers are helping their cause. In the history of these events I hope they are at least realizing this by now. When someone goes to such extremes, specifically a labeled group, they are instantly labeled as extremist by the majority of the world population. Once you're labeled as such, your cause is pretty much lost.

  • Suicide Bombers Hurt Their Cause

    Hezbollah's suicide bombers are doing nothing to help their own cause. The fact of the matter is that suicide bombings cause chaos but don't make headway for the organization causing the terror. These suicide bombings become a nuisance and a tragedy rather than some event that fuels real, fruitfull change.

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