• I do think So

    Because why pay one guy to run hundreds of yards who protects a ball or a guy who bounces a ball down a 100 ft. Court and then throws it in a hoop. I feel as though a soldier that protects every bodies lives are more important than a basketball or football player.

  • I do think so

    It is sad that sports figures get paid as much as they do. Even mediocre players get paid very high wages for just sitting on the bench. I think that a man with a helmet, protecting his country, should be higher paid and more respected than a man with a helmet defending his football.

  • The salaries in sports are

    Very high and every sport is on a budget to keep a person that they really like on the same team without getting traded to a different team. Some might get a really high salary and be first in history to be paid that much in each sport. I don,t want a person that is really good or bad then at the end of the season get a contract that is high and then a salary on top of that to stay on the team. People in baseball want more money and go on a different team that will make them a higher paid person in the league same with football all of the people like their exam some don't like their team and want a higher contract or a better team to play on and get their money's worth. Basketball too all the players want more money their greedy for some more and more but some will get trade for a higher contract, some just want a higher salary for the team. The managers don't want to spend a lot on the people on the team and their losing salary and the budget for the whole team for one person to stay or go.

  • I dont think so

    Successful sport players are much more popular and earn quite more than individuals in other important professions. Whether sports stars deserve this is a topic of frequent debate. Some argue that this is fully justified while others deem it unfair. People don't know how hard it actually is, to play a sport and actually be good at it. I think their pay should depend on their skill level. Salary do not affect the quality of the game as well.

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